Master Bedroom Dresser Vignette

Last week, I shared our styled Expedit bookshelf from our living room and I promised y'all I would start to share little decorated corners of our house. So, here ya go! 

This space is the dresser in our master bedroom, ironically another Ikea piece of furniture. David and I added the huge gold mirror above the dresser which seriously makes me smile every time I see it. It's like the two pieces were made for each other... but aren't too matchy matchy. I love.

On top of the dresser, we've got a David side and a Michelle side. On my side rests my jewelry tray (a Target finds years ago), one of my favorite framed photos of HDawg and my absolute favorite lamp from HomeGoods. It previously sat on my desk at work, but when I quit my job, it finally got to come home with me. I may or may not kiss it goodnight every day, I seriously love it so much. On David's side sits a copper tray that holds all of David's junk (also from Target, and yes, I emptied it out before taking these photos), some greenery in vintagey vases we picked up in North Carolina a few years ago and the DIY sign language art I made him a few years ago.

So that's another corner of our little house! Do you have any corners of your house that make you smile?


  1. I don't have any happy corners yet, but we are getting there. I'll just be happy when all the construction is done. I'm loving all your cute little corners in your house. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Any corner that's not dusty at my house makes me smile. Hey, I'd sleep with y'all! Because I love this vignette, I mean ;-) That ginger jar lamp!!! Love.

  3. PS. Wait, did I miss the announcement about your job?! xoxo

  4. So good. I LOVE that mirror. Warms it all up. Such pretty styling, my friend.

  5. wow! Love this lamp and the mirror. Such a bright bedroom.


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