What's Hot In Interior Design for 2014: A Blogger Panel

Hello, pals. Thank you all for your kind words and support about our sweet baby girl. I mean, wow. This has been the shock of a lifetime... but one of the most fun things that has ever happened to us! Obviously, I'll be redesigning the nursery so stay tuned for updates on that soon!

Today, you're in for a treat. I've invited some of my absolute favorite design bloggers to share their thoughts about interior design trends in 2014. I've created a supah-star panel and these ladies have some seriously interesting answers to my oh-so-intriguing (if I do say so myself, ha) questions.

Sit back, grab a latte and take notes, because this is some seriously great insight on design trends in 2014!

 My amazing panelists include:


And, of course, I'll add my two cents in along the way!

What current design trend do you want to kiss on the mouth because you love it so much? 

Michaela: Poufs and cute ottomans. They're functional, provide extra storage and seating, and are SO darn cute. Oh, and the style options are endless (as are the price points), so everyone can find something to fit their pouf needs. 

 Kirsten: Incorporating brass. I feel like it takes a room to a different level and everything looks more expensive to me in brass.

Cassie: All of a sudden I can't get enough of dark, moody rooms, with bright accessories.

Sherry: Black and white stripes. Thick, thin, I love them in all shapes and sizes.

Courtney: I want to hug and kiss the return to more classic and traditional pieces. I can't tell you how much a room sings when it boasts a tried and true vintage piece or one that shows of gorgeous detail. A think people feared the traditional as boring or uninspired, but people are starting to embrace it once again while working in their own personalities and color scheme.

Michelle: Big, fat floral patterns. They remind me of the fabrics in my great-grandmother's living room! Also, fun metallics like gold and brass.

What current design trend do you dislike so much that it makes you want to commit some sort of horrible crime like deleting the season premiere of Downton Abbey from your DVR before you even watch it?

Courtney: I am not picking up the neon trend. I think it is fading as quickly as it tried to come back on the scene. It's just not my comfort level in design. 

Kirsten: I tend to like more trends than I dislike. I get really into trend and I love finding subtle ways to incorporate them into my home. However, I am feeling a little over arrows and triangles. I think the tribal trend was so hot in 2013 it may have been a little over-done. But as long as I'm seeing it used in new and creative ways I can never hate on a trend too much! 

Michaela:  Rooms that are too glam or overdone, look too perfect (not lived in) and rooms that are decorated extremely modern. Those types of rooms make me feel cold!

Sherry:  I don't like anything that's not comfortable or functional. So any decorating choice that's akin to sleeping in spanks (like a chair that's pretty but super uncomfortable) is a don't for me.

Cassie: Well, since I don't watch Downton, it's hard to know if my hatred runs quite that deep! And honestly, I can't think of one thing that makes me cringe every time I see it!! I think almost anything goes, if used in the right context. And really, if it makes you happy, bring it on!

Michelle: I'm really not a fan of anything that's super high glam. It can be pretty to look at, but I think it's so far-removed from being functional in my life (hello, two kids under two!) that I just can't grasp the style.

Whether you liked it or not, what trend from 2013 do you think will stick around in 2014? 

 Sherry I think modern geometrics - like tiled triangles, diamonds, squares or parallelograms - are going to stick around for a while. (Heck yeah, dad, I just used parallelogram in a sentence.)

Michaela Gold, gold, gold. And I'm not mad about that! I think mixing metallics (silvers and golds) will continue to go strong all through 2014. This trend only happens once or twice a decade.  I'm certainly happy about it sticking around for the year!

Cassie: I'm still not tired of painting stuff, especially painting stuff gold.

Courtney:  I don't think chevron is going anywhere. And when used correctly, I still swoon over it. I think it's a bold, easy pattern that brings a lot of life to a space. Even if it's been seen everywhere, it has a life of it's own. Really loving the herringbone pattern which seems like a more sophisticated chevron print.

Kirsten: I think a lot of trends are here to stay. I saw a rebirth of vinyl wall decals and I think we'll keep seeing decals on walls. The trend is to use them in really graphic ways which keeps the look from feeling too overdone. 

Michelle: Chevron. It's all OVER the place! And I honestly still kind of love it myself. Keep on going, chevron, keep on going.

What interior design trend are you tired of seeing being used over and over and over and over? And over?

Courtney: I struggle with this question. I could name a million things but then I see something done right or well in a home and I am back on board. For instance, mercury glass. I have it. You probably have it. It's everywhere and not so exciting anymore. But then I walk into a home that has a gorgeous pair of mercury glass candlesticks on a rustic farm table and I love them all over again. I was that kid who never had  a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or color. I kind of like them all. Bottom line. If it's being done well. . . I don't care what it is. It works.
Cassie: Again, no one trend turns me off...unless someone is only using it because other people use it. If you create a space just for you, that makes you entirely happy, then I love it! Even if it's not my exact style and taste. Ain't no one living in your house but you! (well, and your family, but they don't get that much of a say. I kid. Kind of.)
Kirsten: I think we are all sensing that chevron is getting tired. But I still love a chevron pattern that is unique. I like Ikat chevron, thin chevron or tone-on-tone chevron but just a basic chevron pattern doesn't do much for me anymore. 

 Michaela:  White walls and white furniture with little color throughout the room. While I love my neutrals, I'm ready for a bit more color (not necessarily on the walls, just in general!) I'm so over seeing home offices decorated minimally with white walls, a white lacquer desk, white chair, white drapes, a colored inspiration board and patterned rug. Surely everyone can't truly love the same style!

Sherry:  That's a hard one because as my buddy Jonathan Adler once said (just kidding, I wish he was my buddy) "I hate to hate." It really is true for me, because I'll think I'm so over something, and then I'll see someone do it in such a fresh and amazing way. For example, if I think chalkboard paint has been done like crazy, I'll walk into a cool cafe and see something amazing done with it. And just like that I'm hooked again. Darn it design trends, I just can't quit you.

Michelle: Mason jars. I mean, seriously, they're so trendy. And everyone has them. It's like people think they've been around for over a hundred years or something. Ha. Kidding, people. In my own home, I'm tired of seeing white. Lots of white accessories... picture frames, lamp shades, textiles. It's really time for me to add some dimension and weight with black and metallic accents.

Rub your crystal ball and tell me what you think you see as the biggest design trend in 2014?

Cassie Balls! Not as in accessories, but like cajones. By that, I think people will more and more embrace their own style and joy, and follow the beat of their own drummer. Pinterest be damned!

 Kirsten: I hope we see a resurgence of floral patterns. They have been huge in past years but I feel like people went more towards stripes and graphic prints last year.  I will always love a good floral so I'm hoping my clients never get sick of them!

Courtney: My magic 8 ball says all signs point to moody rooms filled with timeless classic pieces. I think people will start spending more money on classic, well made items and keep the trends to paint colors and walls. I see moody blues mixed with tufting and a mix of metals.

Michaela:  Can I do a top 3? Because I cannot seem to narrow it down! 1. Saturated colors like turquoise, blues and navy. A cool palette will definitely reign! 2. As our society becomes even more individualistic, I think the one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces will be really important to people. I can see old pieces of furniture upholstered in new, more "modern" fabrics becoming extremely in. 3. Layering. Layering rugs of different textures, layering sofa's with tons of plush pillows for a "lived-in" look, layering your mantle with a hanging mirror and other framed pictures leaning against it, layering colors, textures and prints. Our culture is becoming less formal and leaning more toward the casual, cozy look (which I tend to love!) so this layering trend will reflect that characteristic.

Sherry: I'm going to go ahead and say "quirk." I think more people want a room that feels like them, so just like we're seeing cheeky sweaters with funny and random things on them (like narwhals, mixed tapes, and llamas), I think people are loosening up at home. So instead of aiming for an 100% perfect, elegant, or sophisticated home, they're more likely to add a dose of something quirky, casual, and fun - just to make the room feel personal and approachable. For example, a print of a squirrel wearing a three piece suit with a monocle, or a gold lamp that's shaped like a high-top sneaker.

Michelle: I think this is the third time I've mentioned this, but metallics. All the way. I don't know who doesn't love them. I can foresee all of the major retailers launching sparkly metallic (think: gold, silver, copper, brass) lines this year. I know metallics are out there now, but I think we'll see them in full force in 2014.

Alright, now let's hear your thoughts. Leave the answers to your favorite questions in the comments! What do you see on the radar for 2014?!

Thanks to all of my sweet blog friends for participating!


  1. this was so much fun to read! i am not over tribal and arrows yet, so i may be "so 2013" and i am a-ok with that. i have to agree with things going in a more individualistic way- i can't stand homes that look great but lack personality and could be anyone's. it should reflect the people that live there.

  2. Loved being a part of this! So fun to read the other answers and see we really are mostly on the same page!!

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  5. This post was SO much fun to read! Everyone has such a great sense of style - and humor! I am excited that blues seem to be showing up more. I have a few rooms with blue accessories and I like to be able to find more in stores. A year ago I could not find one blue pillow at Homegoods or Marshalls and now that Pottery Barn is highlighting that color, I think we will start seeing it more. I also like mixing metals. I hate committing to one in a room - oh and I am now starting to feel less pressure to change out my brass door knobs...

  6. Thanks so much for having me! This was so fun to think about and Ioved seeing what the other ladies had to say :)

  7. I love this post from my favourite (and now newly discovered!) design bloggers. Im also big on the gold and metalics and glad to hear patterns and chevron are in for another year ahead!

  8. Love this post! Great read and it was interesting to read everyone's responses.

  9. Enormous information in one blog post, I just love it. I must appreciate and mention that you completely know how to keep connected reader to blog post even if it is little long. Very good job.

  10. Such a fun read. I agree and agree to disagree on many points here! That's what makes this so much fun! I looooooove neon! I know its not for everyone but its totally me and I love that people think of me when they see a neon accent in a room. On the other end, I really really really dislike the white walls trend. I just cant get jiggy with it. I think Cassie is spot on when saying people are starting to really embrace their individuality. That is without a doubt my favorite aspect of design. And when you design from your core and from what appeals to you, you tell a story and your spaces will ALWAYS work. Im a dark wall lovin, color infusin, eclectic design adorin kinda girl and always will be!

  11. I loved this. It goes to show that there is no "one style," or "an in thing." It is whatever YOU love and what makes you smile" I will say, I am a little confused about the whole gold thing. It seems like yesterday everyone was painting their 80's gold a brushed bronze or nickel. I am not a gold person. I love the nickel or brushed bronze look. Gold reminds me of our house growing up and I just can't bring myself to turn down that road again. I do love a few gold accent pieces. But, I would have to stop there. Love reading your ideas on design. I have to add...The whole chalk board phase...So over it. I never jumped on that band wagon. It always felt a little country to me. I have to agree with Sherry though. I do see it used in some really cute ways sometimes.

  12. Great round up! Love their answers. I too wish more would go back to traditional, timeless pieces, and mix trend in rather than have it be the focus of a room. I am hoping the trend is "be an individual"...do what you love. Afterall, you are the one living there!!

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  14. With the way blogs and Pinterest have blown up over the past few years, we tend to see many of the same designs over and over. People are exposed to more, and are also trying things out that they have the confidence to do from tutorials from others. I love when people make things their own rather than doing it the same as everyone else.

    As far as what I want to go away in 2014? Chevron! But let me clarify ... I love herringbone. I refer to herringbone as the thinner zig-zags. I think of chevron as the thicker, more modern and trendy zig-zags.

    I hope people will embrace color more and more in 2014, whether it's more color on walls, or keeping large surfaces neutral and adding pops of color throughout.

  15. In the process of building a new house so I am on design blog overload at the moment but what I have decided that I want more than anything in my new house is - I want to love every single thing. I want to be surrounded by everything I love and find beautiful; new things and very old things. Just started the new things tonight with my first purchase - the Clarissa Extra-Long Chandelier from Pottery Barn. Love, Love, Love! Building a house is so exciting but it will make your head explode if you don't pace yourself. :D If you want to know what design trend I'm tired of seeing...I think it has to be white subway tile on every kitchen. Seriously, there are other options. And it's weird, I love it but I can't make myself get it because everyone else has the same kitchen. But whatever, I will probably wish I had it...

  16. Some interesting opinions from some very thoughtful and talented ladies! I'm getting a lot of inspiration too, so thank you!


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