The Friday Jot List

Is it just me (and my lack of a j-o-b!), or have the holidays completely screwed up your sense of what day it is? Earlier this week, I asked David what kind of crazy people he thought we'd see during a late-night trip to Walmart on Sunday night. You know, like "People of Walmart" hall of famers. He said, well, hon... probably no one that crazy because it's not Sunday. It's Wednesday. Oh. Yeah. I knew that. Not that Sundays are crazier than Wednesdays at Walmart. Or are they? I'm not even making sense now.... The point is that my internal calendar is out of whack!

Anyways, it is indeed Friday! Whether you had to go back to work at all this week or not, you've got a weekend ahead of you! And that's something to celebrate.

I've got a few random thoughts to share with you today....

1. Ten June's top 2013 referrers. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the blogs that send the most traffic over to me every day. This list of ten were my top referrers for 2013. Thank you, ladies, for being willing to share your blog community with me. Y'all rock!

Natalie at Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers-- THANK YOU FOR BEING MY NUMBER ONE REFERRAL, NAT! YOU ROCK!

2. #12daysoflizlange Did you guys catch my twelve days of holiday style posts over on Instagram? I had so much fun partnering up with Target and Liz Lange for some hot momma fashion. Here's a quick summary of my looks!

3. 2014 resolutions. To be completely honest, I don't think I really have any specific resolutions. I think life will keep me busy enough over these next few months that I'll have my hands full simply maintaining! Perhaps... learn how to take two young babies out in public by myself? Or how to nurse and rock a 17 month old to sleep at the same time? Ha! Seriously, though. My goal is to be present and to enjoy each and every minute (good or bad!) that 2014 and my sweet boys bring me. Just promise me you'll come help me pick one of my kids off the floor if you see me at the grocery store.

4. BabyCenter posts. I have been all over the BabyCenter website lately! Check out a few of the posts I've written lately, I think you'll dig 'em.

5. Dining room paint makeover. Remember when I shared my plan to paint our dining room right before Christmas? Oh, it happened. Yes sir, me and this eight month pregnant belly and I spent Christmas Eve eve and Christmas Eve painting this room to prepare for hosting my family on Christmas day! Yes, I'm crazy. But it looks goooood. Want a sneak peak?

More dining room deets on Monday!

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Love your maternity looks. And congrats on being a stay-at-home mommy. I have to go back in less than two weeks after being off for 6 and a half months :(

  2. I find the holidays always through me off on what day it is! I'm a SAHM and thankfully can keep track of the days normally, but if my husband is home I automatically think it's a weekend! By the can you check who your top referrals are... This intrigued me!

  3. I'm with you on the resolutions! I have a few goals for our home that I want/need to jot down (when I find the time!!), but I always seem to forget about my resolutions. :s Don't feel bad about not knowing what day it is...I'm with you on that too!!

  4. Oh yay for being a referral! Love that! And loved your style fun to partner with Target and Liz Lange! #dreamteam

    Happy Weekend!


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