Little Lady June's Painted Nursery

Hey hey, friends. How was each of your weekends? I had an amazing weekend celebrating Little Lady June with a family baby shower, enjoying some warmer weather after a week of snow and ice, soaking up our last moments as a family of three with David and HDawg and watching some Super Bowl commercials, er, football. I thought Bruno Mars was bomb, did y'all?! He's a cool guy.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared our updated nursery plans with you. Otherwise entitled as... Oh Crap, We're Having A Girl So Let's Change the Little Boy Nursery! The general idea? Ballet slipper pink, hot magenta pink and shiny metallic gold. Oh, and baby blue.

 I know, baby blue is not exactly a traditional little girl nursery color, right? If you follow my nursery inspiration board on Pinterest, you know that I've found some great inspiration from other blue-toned little girl bedrooms. Before we learned that Little Lady June is, in fact, a she, David and I had already picked up a couple of gallons of light blue paint for the nursery. So, we decided to roll with it.

Ta-da! We chose a sweet, very light baby blue color called Mountain Air. Of course, it's my favorite paint brand- Emerald by Sherwin Williams. I recently used this brand to paint our dining room gray and to paint HDawg's room the "perfect baby boy blue"- a much more saturated, brighter baby blue. I can't speak anything but good about this paint brand- it goes on well, includes a primer base, is completely VOC free (including the colorants added to the paint base) and generally rocks my world.

First off, here's a quick before shot of the room. This tiny little bedroom sits closest to the master bedroom upstairs in our rental home. David and I opted to use this small room and leave the fourth, larger bedroom for guests. There's something about creating a snug little nursery that just feels right. Needless to say, it's a tight squeeze, but I like it.

No, I clearly did not stage this photo. In fact, I didn't even take my snack out of the picture. #pregnantladyneedstoeatatalltimes

Thanks to a fresh coat of paint, this boring little room is now fresh and bright!

Pretty, right? And not too boyish! In fact, we've already injected a whole lot of pink and gold into this room... and I can promise you it looks amazing! Perfect for a little girl, baby blue or not. Okay fine, you twisted my leg. Here's a sneak peek.

So, what do you think? Can I make baby blue work for a little girl?

FYI, the paint I described in this post was provided to me by Sherwin Williams. Aside from the product, I was provided no other compensation for using or writing about this paint. All opinions and information that I share are completely my own. And the crackers are all mine. Pregnant girl problems.

Psst! Old Navy is having a huge kids sale right now! I picked up some adorable items for HDawg and Little Lady June for a steal.

How could I not grab this striped henley for $7?! I also love the striped cardigan and classic oxford shirt.

And LLJ didn't miss out! All I have to say is... THIS ROMPER! So many cute shirts and shoes, too.

I went wild with all of the deals, so I just had to share! Happy shopping.


  1. I think babies look good in ANY colour- blue, pink, yellow...I dont know why people fixate on "boy colours" and "girl colours". Also, 100 years ago it was the opposite- pink for boys and blue for girls. I think the room looks darling already. Your original plan would have worked as well!! She is a lucky little girl

  2. I love it! We used a $10 oops paint that we found at Sherwin Williams in Rock Candy (very light blue/gray) for our spare bedroom and I love it. Seems very similar to Mountain Air. Well, we are now expecting our first baby and have decided not to find out the sex. It's the perfect nursery color so we've won't be repainting. Who knows, we just might have a blue baby girl nursery too! Congrats to you and your beautiful family! I've been reading for a while now and have loved following along.

  3. We painted our nursery blue knowing from the start that we were having a girl. It is soft and pretty and girly in every way:). Love it!!

  4. Probably the wrong person, but I'm pretty sure my disdain for pink stems from having a baby blue room my whole life. I totally think blue works for girls!

  5. We've had a baby blue nursery (Window Pane by Sherwin Williams) for our daughter since day one as well. It was always the intention to have a 'sunny day' theme, with a grass-green rug, sun-yellow ceiling fan, red/white gingham curtains.

    1. By the way, meant to tell you that it's looking good, and can't wait to see what you do with the room!

  6. YES! Love this. R's nursery in our first home had pale blue walls and the same color scheme so I am already in love with it. Always loved that room.

  7. I love a soft blue for a girl's nursery! Can't wait to see the finished room!

  8. Love love love the colors!! And those shoes are ridiculous!! Also, bruno mars? Killed it last night!

  9. Girl, you gotta stop the gendered colors thing. Any color can work on any human anytime. Especially the baby humans. Seriously. It's okay. Do what you want, color wise, and get on with yo badself!

  10. I think the colour looks really nice, not boyish at all. I can't wait to see the finihsed product :)

  11. I have boy/girl twins and had to find a way to get a good color combo for everyone. The blue you choose looks great - it will look great with red/pinks and light pinks too. We used lime green, chocolate and blue and it worked out well.

  12. Yes, you can do baby blue in a girls nursery! We did for our first daughter, Ellie. Love, love it. I also added pink as an accent and went for a modern look (not shabby chic). You can check out her room here:


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