Little Lady June: Ice Storms, Baby Showers and Bellies

 Hey friends! I feel like I've been a little bit off the radar lately, so I wanted to stop in and update you guys on the status of Little Lady June, my pregnancy and what's going on with my little family these days.

I'm officially 38 weeks pregnant with this sweet girl. I went into labor with HDawg at 38 weeks, 3 days which is Wednesday of this week. Of course, that's no indication I'll go into labor at the same time this go around, but it is kind of crazy to think about! Last week, I thought we were having this baby. Coupled with the fact that my body is already progressing (I won't throw out the centimeters and all that stuff to avoid a TMI moment), I was having some major contractions (I went about 48 hours having 5-6 contractions every hour) during the major ice storm that hit Atlanta last week. Although my in-laws came and stayed with us to watch H just in case David and I needed to brave the insane weather (we were all iced in, otherwise), it was very stressful knowing that her arrival felt imminent and that we may not be able to get to the hospital! Then the snow and ice melted on Friday and I woke up Saturday morning feeling totally normal. I've only had a handful of contractions since! Crazy, right? Has that happened to any of you? It's crazy to go from "it's go time!" to nada. Talk about a roller-coaster ride. Oh, the joys of pregnancy!

Speaking of pregnancy... look! It's a beached whale!

You laugh, but that's a big ol' belly!

Anyways, things are quiet so far this week, but I'm happy to let little lady stay in and grow big and strong as long as she needs to. Until then, I'm hanging out with my two boys, finishing some things around the house, eating way too many donuts and other pastries, resting and possibly tackling some of my DIY baby burp cloths! I haven't sewed at all for this little gal, so maybe it's time to get on that.

Once the ice melted last week, my in-laws treated David and I and watched HDawg so we could have a date night! I seriously love my man so much... he can talk me down off the super pregnant hormonal ledge every time, it amazes me. We don't do Valentine's Day, but unofficially, it was really nice to grab a nice dinner with him... and some fro-yo, of course... and just enjoy each other's company kid-less! I'm so glad I get to create a family and do life with this man. He's my boo.

But what I'm really excited to share with y'all today are some photos from my baby showers for Little Lady June! When we were under the impression that another boy was on the way, we hadn't really planned any showers. Obviously, we had all of the cute little boy stuff we needed from HDawg. But once we found out the news that he was a she, our friends and family came together and planned some amazing little parties to celebrate and shower LLJ with gifts! Seriously, David and I feel so blessed that everyone came together so quickly for us to make sure our sweet girl had everything she needs.

I can't even believe it, but I completely forgot to take photos at the shower my friends threw for us. My sweet friend Beth held the party at her beautiful house and all of my girlfriends cooked amazing food, planned some adorable decorations and really just created the perfect party. I love these girls!

My mom's family also threw me a shower, including my mom, sisters, aunt Christy and grandmother. They also planned out so many girly details- it was beautiful!

My sister's friend made that gorgeous cake- it's beautiful, right?! She also made the baseball jersey cake from my sister's engagement party. She is super talented!

[my mom, my aunt, my sister- Tori, me, my sister- Callie, my grandmother]
Needless to say, Little Lady June (and David and H and I!) is super blessed to have so much love around us. I cannot believe she'll be here so soon... I'll keep you guys posted along the way!

Psst! Shoot me your Tuesday at Ten June feature projects for tomorrow if you haven't done so already!


  1. Thank goodness you didn't have to brave the ice storm! Thinking of you and hoping that all goes smoothly with your delivery. It looks like you are really enjoying your last weeks as a family of three. All the best :)

  2. That cake is GORGEOUS!! Enjoy your last few days or weeks of time with Mr. HDawg...things will get crazy pretty soon. You look fantastic...seriously, you're all jealous! So excited for you. Having a girl is so much fun. :)

  3. Awww so glad that Little Lady June is getting spoiled...she deserves it! And it must be so exciting for you too!! xo

  4. That cake!!!!! So impressed. And crazy about the contractions! I am 39 weeks and waiting! lol.
    So glad your friends spoiled you and your sweet little girl!! Hope you are feeling good today!

  5. So precious! Can't wait to virtually meet LLJ!

    And that cake is awesome!


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