A Changing Table + Dresser for Little Lady June

Every little bambino's nursery has to have a changing table, right?! Apart from the crib, it's one of the most important parts of a baby's room. I don't even want to think about the millions of dirty diapers I've changed for HDawg on his changing table

Needless to say, it's a place I want to look awesome for Little Lady June's nursery since we'll be spending so much time on it. Originally, David and I sought to purchase a changing table with a little boy in mind. I found this solid wood espresso dresser from Wayfair and fell in love. It's smaller than the Ikea dresser we use for H's changing table, but this second little bean is in a much smaller room, so it works. This dresser is the same height as the Ikea Hemnes dresser though, just for the record. Clean lines, beautiful finish, a solid wood frame... it's exactly what we were looking for. And it would match the espresso crib we ordered for little guy! We clicked order and the dresser was on its way.

Then we found out baby boy is a baby girl and switched some of the furniture around. Even though she's got a white crib now, we decided to keep this espresso dark dresser for her. Let's keep it interesting with mismatched furniture, yeah? I think it looks great with the other pieces in the room.

 We "girlified" the piece by adding some pretty glass knobs. They're actually the same knobs we used to have on our custom bathroom vanity! I love their feminine, vintage flair.

Here's a peek of what's in the dresser, just because everyone loves little baby things.

First drawer, diapers and diaper changing accessories. Pretty much everything we have on HDawg's dresser top will be contained in this top drawer for easy access.

Second drawer, adorable baby clothes.

Third drawer, adorable baby accessories like burp cloths, bibs, socks, hats and HAIR BOWS!

Last drawer, blankets. For a tiny little dresser, it packs a lot of storage punch!

It was a breeze ordering from Wayfair but I will have to say we had a bit of a snafu when receiving the product. David got the whole box opened and started putting the dresser together, only to realize that one of the main side pieces was completely cracked. We called Wayfair and they simply ordered a new side panel for us. It took about 8-10 days for the new piece to get to us, but the replacement process was relatively easy. At least we didn't have to ship the entire dresser back!

I actually have one big project left for LLJ's room and it includes the space above this dresser. Here's a little sneak peek. Mhmmmm!

I kind of love this changing table area... is it weird that I'm excited to change some little newborn diapers here in the near future?! 

DISCLOSURE: Wayfair provided me with a gift certificate that aided in the purchase of this dresser, but all opinions and speculations about this piece of furniture or the shopping process with Wayfair are most certainly my own.

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  1. Love that you added the girly knobs...it's the perfect mix of girly and stately. Can't wait to "meet" her so so soon!!! xo

  2. Those little knobs are adorable! Definitely the perfect girly touch :)


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