DIY Baby Burp Cloth

Cue the Britney Spears music. Because this wannabe sewer just stitched up her very first project!

Using this genius tutorial from MADE, I created a baby burp cloth for our little man! I figured simply sewing two rectangles together was a pretty easy first project,so I went for it.

I chose the fabric types (including the soft chenille on the "burp" side) based upon the tutorial. I actually bought a ton of different fabric for the tops so I could make a few of these. Okay, so I have enough fabric to make like 45 burp cloths. I couldn't say no to some of those adorable patterns!

First off, let me show you my little sewing set up. David brought up a folding table we use for parties outside during the summer. A little grody, but it works. 

I could set up camp somewhere else in the house (basement? office? dining room?) but I like hanging out with the rest of the fam. It's funny because as I'm looking at these pictures, I'm realizing the lighting isn't very good in the living room... hm, might need to fix that!

Oh and I got one of these things, so I'm a true sewing professional. Word.

First step? Cut the fabric... ie. one of the hardest parts. I realized that even with my new fancy fabric cutting scissors, I'm not the best at measuring out fabric. Hopefully that skill will come with time! You simply need to cut 10 x 18 rectangles out of both types of fabric.

Pile up the adorable fabric pieces!

Then I simply turned the two pieces of fabric (the patterned fabric and the chenille) backwards, pinned them together and began stitching! Dana's explanation is a lot more detailed than mine if you are a beginner like me and need some extra insight. 

After playing with my sewing machine for awhile (more details on my hunt for a machine and what I eventually chose here), I feel really comfortable using it! I even pulled out the ol' "how to sew a corner" moves I learned from my sewing 101 book! Boo-yah, look at me go.

Before you sew up the entire cloth, make sure to leave a small space open at the top of your fabric. Then turn it inside out. Yayyy, it looks like a burp cloth! : ) 

Next was a part that was difficult for me. You have to sew up the opening and then continue the topstitch around the entire cloth. I think I'm scared of pins (it's so hard to pull them out quickly and keep your stitch straight!) to tell you the truth, but I couldn't really get this part stitched up well. 

I had trouble keeping the fabric folded down inside of the cloth while I sewed on top of it. It ended up looking kind of sloppy for me, with the little corner poking out.

Once I practice on 45 a few more, I'm going to go back and try to fix this one. 

After making the topstitch around the entire top of the cloth, you're pretty much done! Dana suggests making two stitches across the top to hold the fabric together in the middle, essentially dividing the cloth into thirds. Sounds like a simple task....

This is where I learned my stitch isn't quite straight. Oops.

Just another thing to work on with project #2 : )

But all in all I'm so happy with the result!

It was actually really cool to create the burp cloth piece and know that my little man gets to use it come September! The piece is so soft and sweet and gets me all sentimental. I can't wait to make a whole pile of them, that's for sure.

Thanks again to Dana for the tutorial!


  1. so sweet! You will NEVER have enough of these so fun that you can make your own!

  2. Oooooh! So cute! You must be getting so excited for baby boy's arrival...or should I say "sew excited" sorry.

  3. I never got past the burp cloth, nursing cover, John John, lil pants phase....but I know you will! Have fun with it before your lil bundle arrives!

  4. Great job...especially for your first project! Top stitching where the pins are to close the opening can be a little tricky. To make it a little easier, I usually leave the opening in the middle (not near the corner). That way I have more room to straighten out the folded pieces to make them the way I want and the corners stay crisp!

    And trust me, straight stitching takes a lot of practice. It's not easy at first, but your burp cloth looks great :)

  5. It looks great!! Love the patterns and SO neat that you made it on your very own!

  6. SO so sweet. I am so proud of you for jumping in! How special to have that be your first project.

  7. This is great!! Yay for sewing! You're so good at it already :) The polka dot is adorable.

  8. Nice work on the burp cloth! This was my very first sewing project too! :) I still love making them and giving them as gifts! Have you tried a baby tag blanket yet - super simple also!

  9. It's totally the tomato that makes you official! These would make great gifts, too :)

  10. Great job!! If you really get into sewing trying using a rotary cutter. It is so much easier to cut with. Just make sure you have a cutting pad down so you do not ruin your table. The cutting pads have lines and measurements on them so measuring is super easy.

  11. What a great idea!! If you want an easier, more accurate way to cut fabric, you should invest in a rotary cutter and measuring mats. It essentially looks like a pizza cutter. You can find them at JoAnn's or any other fabric store. It will make your life so much easier and cut down on time too :).

  12. A burp cloth was my first sewing project a few months ago too!!

    Like the previous comments, I would highly recommend getting a cutting mat. It will help you cut your fabric in a straight line...sewing in the straight line is a whole other issue :)

  13. Look at you go! I love this little DIY! Lil Pea Pod will love it I'm sure!!

  14. great job! Getting ready and excited for the baby is one of the best parts!

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  16. Yay! You did great! :) Don't worry, straight stitching gets easier with time.

  17. absolutely love it! i'm going to have to make some for my daughter... if i can ever learn to thread my machine :) and just for the record, you'll need about 45 burp cloths!!!

  18. I recently made these too!! check them out...
    yours looks awesome:-)


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