Friday Finds

You know you got the email... but did you click through to check out the deals?

Holy smokes, Pottery Barn is having a sale and momma wants to go shopping.

How about $500 (about 1/3 of the price!) off this guy?

I really need to make that happen. This one's been on my list for awhile. Do you think baby boy would be mad if I exchanged his new crib for a rustic wooden console table?

I think this little pendant and his $60 off price tag need to jump in my online cart.

Pretty pretty.

$100 off this incredible rattan chair. Would look fabulous behind my home office desk....

Or how about $100 bucks off of some of their classic rugs? You know I'm a big fan of PB rugs, I've got two of them in my own house!

Oh, look. They already monogrammed one of their adorable fringed napkins for me.

Don't even get me started on all of their dining room tables and sofas that are on sale. Yum.

I've used this fabric in an e-design before... this roman shade is so cute and funky. And $50 off. Hey oh.

60% off of this mirror, people. Need I say more?

I'm not affiliated with Pottery Barn (unless they want to send me any of these items for free, which, of course, I'll gladly take with a big fat smile on my face), I just thought I'd let you know there are some great finds in their current sale!

Go forth and shop, friends! And have a great weekend : )


  1. Yes, tons of great deals going on right now. Love PB!!!

  2. I don't know if baby boy would like it if you exchanged his crib for the console, but he might be pleased to have it as a changing table...

  3. Oh, good to know (or not, depending on how you look at it!)

  4. i love that mirror! oh how i love pottery barn!!

  5. I'm currently trying to figure out where I would hang that mirror! ;)

  6. Ooo what did you show me this! WAY to dangerous!!


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