Summer Fun Link Party!!

It's summer time, friends!

What does that mean to you? Cook outs? Vacations? Pretty, flowy dresses?
We've been staying busy so far this summer over at the Ten June household.

We spruced up our front yard and backyard in our outdoor makeover.

We had a ball at our Memorial Day pool party.

And we caught a little bit of sun on our early beach trip to the Caribbean (which you can read about here, here and here).

And don't forget all of my favorite summer essentials!

Now it's your turn to share! Whatever your summer is, I want to hear about it!
Link up your old posts or new posts. You can share one or as many as you'd like!

Just don't forget to link back to Ten June (you can use my button in the sidebar if you'd like!).

I'll keep the link party up all weekend. Spread the word... the more, the merrier!


  1. Great idea! Thanks for letting us share our Summer fun! fun! fun!

  2. What a fun link party! I really like the stone wall around your classic and pretty.

  3. such a fun linky party! happy summer to you, friend!

  4. Fun idea. Im so happy Summer is here! :)

  5. I'm linked up!! Fabulous idea! I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Ugh, your yard looks lovely and plush! I felt ridiculous watering my dirt lawn yesterday...i think the passerbys were shaking their head in disgust.

  7. Thanks for hosting!!! I added my fair share of know, to help you out. ;)

  8. Thanks for hosting Michelle. Great party! Your backyard and pool look are beautiful, perfect for the hot summer days in the south.

  9. Perfect link up idea! Nothing to worry about, girl! Is that 43 I see so far??! (; Thanks for hosting. I loved your summer must haves!

  10. I'm coming to your pool next week, would that be ok?!
    Totally loved looking through everybodys blogs to see what everyones doing this summer! Gave me some great inspirations and ideas!
    Have a lovely Friday girlie! ;)

  11. How are we not friends in real life? I miss you :)

  12. Wow is that pool gorgeous! Thanks for hosting the linky party!


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