The Genie Series: Roost

Hi friends! I've got another amazing blogger lined up to participate in the Ten June Genie Series
So kick back, relax and say hi to Marissa!

Hi there! I'm Marissa and I write the shelter blog Roost. Michelle was nice enough to let me crash her awesome blog today and share my three crazy wishes!

My husband is in graduate school, so we're currently in "make do or do without" mode--dreaming up three totally fantastic, out-of-this-world wishes wasn't hard to do because we dream a lot! So here are the three things I plan to ask the genie for when I find the magic lamp.

1. My first pick would be everything in Kate Middleton’s closet.
I adore the way she dresses and I’m always impressed with how she mixes low and
high for the perfect look. Can I throw her hairstylist in here, too?

2. A Vespa. 
I think this wish might actually be realistic! I had a scooter in college and it was pretty much the best thing ever. My husband knows this is my dream "car" and I can't wait to get
another one! Don't you think this qualifies as a need? ;)

3. I would LOVE to have an original painting
by my favorite impressionist painter, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot--maybe “Souvenir de Mortefontaine.” I don’t think the Louvre would miss it. I’m imagining it hanging in a room with
white wainscoting and grey-blue walls and Louis chairs and gold… sigh.

So I will probably only ever end up with one of those things, if I'm lucky, but that would be fantastic. 
Thanks for letting me dream, Michelle!

And thank you for sharing your wishes, Marissa! Ya'll make sure to stop by Roost and say hi!

PS. Wanna look like the coolest, accessorized kid on the block?
Don't forget to enter the Stella & Dot bracelet giveaway!


  1. I think we'd all like to take a closet full of Kate's stunning attire!! Love these series!

  2. Kate's outfits are amazing! I would totally love to have her outfits!

  3. I would love to have an original painting too! That would be ah-mazing!!

  4. Marissa is one of my favorite girls. Love all of these choices. Kate always looks gorgeous and I would happily park a vespa outside my door anyway!

  5. Ahh, to have anything in Kate's closet would be a dream! AND yes, I'd love an original impressionist painting. Just about my favorite period in art history!

  6. Loving her wishes! Love everything Kate wears. A Vespa would be sooo much fun.

  7. Fun post! I'd love to have Kate's closet too!

  8. Great series! I love Marissa's wishes! I think I would also take all of Kate Middleton's clothes too! Sign me up! :)

  9. ooh a vespa! yes! that is a fantastic wish! off to check out your blog!

  10. I would love a Vespa, but I already had one accident on one when we were on vacation which resulted in a broken ankle and fractured knee. I was laid up for 3 months! I have a plate and 6 screews in my ankle. But I still think they are fun!


  11. Wow, I could definitely come up with three wishes! :)

  12. I couldn't agree more!!! I will take Kate's wardrobe any day!
    Thanks ladies!
    Heading over to Roost!

  13. Totally am with Marissa on Kate Middleton’s closet!

  14. Loved her three wishes and I have to say, I too am on board for Kate Middleton's closet! Her look is timeless.

  15. Now you've made me want a vespa. Oh shoot.


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