The Look for Less: An Eclectic Entryway Vignette

It's been awhile, but I'm back with my Look for Less series! In this series, I take a fabulous design and try to get the same look on the cheap. And I like a challenge... so today, I'm trying to emulate this amazing vignette pulled from the pages of Lonny Mag.

My thoughts are that with two major pieces of furniture, art and an area rug, if this look could be recreated for ummm say, under $1000, we're doing really good. Capish? The challenge is on....

desk, $69.99: although West Elm no longer makes the yellow version of this Parsons desk, you could always pick up the inexpensive option at Target and paint the laminate a high gloss yellow (don't know how to paint laminate? check out my Ikea hallway shelf painting tutorial!).

vase, $79.95 (and you could probably find for cheaper at Home Goods!)

faux hide rug, $199: While gorgeous in so many spaces, I just can't bring myself to buy or source the real thing! This faux fur source is wallet-friendly and makes the animals smile : )

rhino, $49.95

vintage mirror, $10

bowl & artichoke, $6.95

chair, $279 (wouldn't it be sweet to find an old chair at Goodwill and dress up to look like this one! would definitely help on the budget side of things!)

paint to create striped wallpaper look, $30

= $839.84

BOOM! Under budget! I love when that happens : )
Like I said before, not bad for two major pieces of furniture and an area rug! 

What are your favorite "look for less" sources?

PS. Wanna look like the coolest, accessorized kid on the block?
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  1. I adore the rug and the rhino! And I mean, really...what can you not find on etsy these days! :) My mom and I recently found a similar chair to the one above on consignment. It just had a cane back! Love this post!

  2. Ooo, I have a few: Old Time Pottery, HomeGoods, Target, World Market,, One Kings Lane, and good 'ole Goodwill.
    Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

  3. Great job! I really want one of Jen's paintings... Me, HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Target are BFF's. The doorman at TJMaxx knows my name. Yikes.

  4. That is a great look for less! I love it. I think it would look every bit as good as the original--maybe even better!

  5. Love it! Recently saw a chair like that at Home Goods. So syked they are opening one next week a mile up the road!!

  6. Good job girl! I love your finds...especially the faux rug and yellow desk! :)

  7. Well done. I always love Home Goods for a look a like or something that is trendy that I may not want for a lifetime. Such a fun post.

  8. One of my favorite places for cheap accessories is the toy store. The stores in my neighborhood carry fantastic (and beautiful) trinkets and toys for kids that when grouped into a vignette are great alternatives to figurines....

  9. shack these 2 chairs in the mix and bring that budg right on down even further! LOVE IT MICHELLE! xoxo shel

  10. Get it girllll! Good job! I love what you put together. I really love this series....make it a link up and I'll join in (:

  11. Great job Michelle! Love the look. I wish we had a Home Goods within 500 miles of us, it is top of my list for finding great things for less.

  12. Hi! Thanks for entering my contest. Great post. I love the chair/rug/obscenely large flowers combo.

  13. Great job!!! Your version looks really good. Happy weekend my dear!

  14. You can get a French Louis XVI Chair like that from Scott's Antique Market and Road Show for around 100. You can also get a real cowhide for the same price maybe less depending on the size from a vendor there that's outside one of the buildings plus they have tons of colors to choose from.

  15. You did a great job! And I'm so glad you included the hat! :)


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