The Genie Series: Cornflake Dreams

  Alrighty, friends. We're back with another round of the Genie Series. And guess who has stopped by to share her three wishes today? The adorable Jillian from Cornlake Dreams

 By the way, Jillian just posted her engagement photos here... I die... they are adorable! 

So, besides being totally adorable and having a totally adorable fiance that you take totally adorable engagement pictures with, what three things would you wish for, Jillian?!

hello! it's jillian from cornflake dreams and i am super excited to be sharing wishes with you for michelle's fantastic genie feature! let's get to it:: 


wish no.1: unlimited travel {all expenses paid}. 

my fiance and i love traveling and we have a few fun trips planned- Spain this September and TurkeyParis + Amsterdam next year. it would be a dream to travel anywhere in the world without worrying about hotel (or hostel!) costs, plane tickets, or paid work vacation days. if this wish was granted we would be off to indiacuba, brazil, argentina, greece, italy and thailand.  

wish no.2:: the perfect city. 
as much as i love living in chicago the city is not without it's flaws. 

i would love to live in the perfect city... population over 500,000. great weather (no snow...60s-80's year round. walkable. bike-able. farmers markets year-round. fantastic public schools. lots of art, culture, and history. low crime & pollution rates. a distinguishable downtown area with tons of shopping, diverse restaurants and people, and interesting architecture. o and affordable cute single family housing!

does a place like this exist in the US?! if tell! and move me there along with my family, friends and future frenchie pup. 

wish no.3:: unlimited closet for my whole family. 

that's right i want myself, my fiance and the future babies to be styling with a closet full of any clothes we want...swapping every season of course. 

thanks to michelle for letting me share my wishes. if you'd like to see even more dreamy things stop by cornflake dreams anytime :) 


  1. Yay...Jillian is popular today! :). Loved her three wishes...unlimited travel? Yes please! And love the idea of a perfect city!

  2. Great Post, Jill!! I wish for unlimited travel (all expenses paid) too!!

  3. Super cute engagement photos! Unlimited closet sounds so dreamy.

  4. Yay, I love Jill! I love here wishes. I too, would love to have unlimited travel!

  5. San Diego isn't perfect but it is close. It certainly has wonderful weather, 60s-80's, and plenty of art and history. In parts it reminds me of a small town community with lots of people in it.

  6. Hehe! Portland, OR isn't perfect but it rarely snows here AND housing is VERY affordable - even more so than Chicago :-)

  7. jillian is the CUTEST... and that perfect city? oxford! ok, it's smaller, and colder- but i promise, it IS perfect!


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