Ikea Hack: Laminate Shelf Painting Tutorial

What do you get when you add Ikea + the need for storage of our "just got home and I want to throw everything on the floor or on the closest surface" junk + the world's best laminate painting tutorial?

My new wall shelf! This little beauty is actually a $29 Ikea special, found here.

Even when buying it, I knew that the honey oak laminate wouldn't cut it, but I couldn't figure out just what to do with the piece once I brought it home. The hubs insisted that you couldn't paint the laminate without the paint bubbling up and not sticking in places. But, duh duh duh duhhhhh... paint goddess Kate to the rescue! 

In her tutorial, Kate details the process of painting laminate, from the amazing Zinsser primer onward. And she's completely right- you don't even have to sand the surface before using the oil based primer. Just slap it on, let it dry and it's ready for regular latex paint!



Besides painting, I also switched out the Ikea knobs for some that we had lying around the house (from Lowes). The new knobs are larger and better for purposes of hanging things. Not to mention that they bring a bit more character to the piece.

I originally wanted to place the shelf in the living room next to our front door. But it looked a bit cluttered when we tested it there, so David and I shopped the house for another spot.

Then it hit me- the nook next to the back of the brick fireplace in our breakfast room! It'd be the perfect little space to house the junk we need to throw down when we first get home. And only steps from the front door. Perfection. I think it fits right into the breakfast room, don't you? The shelf is caddy corner from our garden wall.

Hold on, let me call myself out for a sec.

Yup, my basil and rosemary died : ( I'd like to blame it on the lack of sunlight it got inside, but I'm pretty sure David and I forgot to water it for like two weeks. Oops....

My favorite part about the plan B spot for the shelf is that you can't even see the junk or clutter or even the shelf itself from the front door! It's like it was meant to be there. I love when plan B turns out better than plan A!

I have now dubbed myself a laminate painting expert. Which is good, because we've got a biiiiiig laminate painting project coming atcha soon! Get excited : ) I am!! 

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  1. I need to pin this. I've got a few Ikea pieces that I'd love to paint...

  2. I love this simple yet sophisticated update, it's looks fantastic in your home!


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