DIY Moss Initial Wreath

While I'm out loving on my brand new baby boy, I hope you enjoy this series: my favorite DIY rerun posts! Learn more about the series here.

When it came to making Christmas presents this year, I wanted to do a DIY theme. Only appropriate for this DIY gal, right? I had saved up a few DIY projects in my "someday" folder (don't we all have one of those?!), so I pulled from there when it came to choosing DIY gifts to give.

First up? Something for my mom. I fell in love with Jen's monogram project as soon as I read this post and knew I wanted to make it for someone. My mom absolutely loves funky things scattered throughout her house, so I just knew she'd love her initial done up moss-style. Easy choice for madre!

Here's how I made it.

-plastic initial (found my version at Hobby Lobby)
-glue gun
-lots of patience and a few episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the DVR

Essentially, this project just takes a whole lotta glue-gunning (hence the need for episodes of RHBH).

My advice is to be patient but overzealous with the moss. You don't want to skimp- your initial wreath needs to be nice and full. The name of the game is lots o' moss. And slowly but surely... voila! You have a moss wreath!

I hung it up on my wall before giving it to my mom, just for an idea of how it would look in her house.

Cute, right?! I might need to make myself one of these!

And mom loved it, which is what matters most-est. It's already on her living room bookshelf!

Don't you just love simple and sweet projects like this?!


  1. I love mine that I made last year! If I can make a couple suggestion that worked well for me-I use the "sheet moss" from HL, it's a lot easier to work with as it's backed so a lot less messy, and I use the flat wood letters from HL-cheap and flat so easy to work with and to cover both sides (cover back first so you can wrap front over back). I've made tons for gifts over the past few years, easy to mail too because they're flat and light :-) PS I also use the same letters and cover in burlap!

  2. How cute! I am going to have to try this!




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