Pumpkins + Gourds + Fall Leaves Galore

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Psst! This post is slightly off the "favorite DIY project" series bandwagon, but since my house is currently covered in burp cloths and diapers instead of fall leaves and pumpkins, I thought I'd share last year's fall tour to celebrate the arrival of my favorite season. Happy fall, y'all!

I might be a little late jumping on the fall decor bandwagon this year, but fall has officially arrived at the Ten June household! David and I have challenged ourselves with a no-spend October (meaning we're not spending on anything that's not already budgeted for, like household items, utilities and the occasional purchase we've been saving for) but we decided to bend the rules by $20 for our fall decor. So that was my budget, folks. Hey, I like a challenge.

Sit back, pretend you're on a hayride with a hot pumpkin latte in your hand
and welcome to the fall tour of my casa!

I dressed up my front door with my DIY wreath from last season. I also added $6.66 worth of yellow mums and a $3.00 pumpkin to the front porch.

I simply tweaked a few things on our regular mantel to make it feel more fallish. 

The owl was a $4 HomeGoods purchase (which I was pretty excited about, considering I've seen them at West Elm for $20!). By the way, how fabulous is that bright white trim paint looking! Love it.

I did a free switcharoo by replacing the framed botanical print post cards from our regular mantel with beautiful leaves we found on our mountain trip last weekend. Cute and sentimental- I'm sold.

I added a few fall leaves to my DIY paintchip garland, just to step it up a notch.

Fresh picked apples from Elijay, Georgia- yumm!

I spent $5 on an assortment of mini pumpkins and gourds to scatter throughout the house. 

There you have it, fall around my house for under $20! I really like all of the natural elements that I used this year- makes it feel like fall without going Clark Griswold with the holiday decor.

Have you decorated for fall?


  1. Great Fall touches! I can't wait to get a little pumpkin for my new apartment :)

  2. I'm a sucker for little pumpkins -- they're just so darn cute and versatile! Love the $20 budget challenge -- that would make an interesting series of holiday decorating posts, no?
    Happy Hump Day!
    xo Heidi

  3. Just love the garland! And those trio of white vases! I have the same three purchased at The Christmas Tree Shops for 50 cents each.

  4. The garland is adorable! That would be a great addition to my fall decor, thanks for posting the tutorial! I've decorated with mini pumpkins too! You can check out my fall decor at mydoylelife.blogspot.com Happy Fall! :)


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