Stenciled + Painted Built In Wine Rack

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Who wants to check out my rack?

For those of you who are new 'round these parts, I'm talking about the built-in wine rack on the wall between my dining room and kitchen. As I was repainting my dining room a couple of months ago, I decided to do something fun with the back of the wine rack. Thanks to the input from many of you, I finally made a choice and set a game plan into action.

And I chose option number.... none of them. I know!! I'm awful. So anti-climactic. I really loved all of the options in my post, but none of them ended up working with my new Ikea rug. With that said, I went on the hunt for wallpaper that would work with the new colors in the room (hence the reason we are fast-forwarded about a month!) but didn't really find anything I loved. And if I did love it, they wouldn't sell me the small amount of square footage I needed to cover the area behind the wine rack. Back to square one.

I think it was my girl Bailey who suggested that I paint the back of the rack. Bing bing! We have a winner. 

Yup, I stenciled my rack. For all of you who have tackled a stencil project before, MORE POWER TO YOU! You might be a saint. I quickly learned that stenciling is seriously tough. I also learned that I do not  have the patience to work with stenciling! Ah well. Luckily my project was just a mini-one.

My tools: stencil (from Hobby Lobby), stencil brush, foam roller, paint.

I painted the back of the rack the same grey color as my kitchen. The first medium I tried was a silver craft paint. Definitely hated it and definitely had to go.

After dealing with the ugly silver paint and the stencil itself, my patience was wearing thin. I thought it was best to make a decision that was easy, so I went with an old trusty friend.

White paint.

I love it! But it is seriously the worst paint job I've ever done- I just could NOT get the stencil to match up with my incredibly uneven 1952 walls + uneven built-ins. So this shot is as close up as you get ; )

Oh and you can judge me, because these are all empty vino bottles. Yup, I'm that girl that has zero full bottles of wine at my house, but has four empty bottles sitting in our recycling bin (which is emptied once a week).  Heck yeah. And I've learned from some of you awesome wine connoisseurs that I was storing the wine bottles the wrong way (corks should be angled down), so I've since remedied!

Oh by the way, here is the previous owners' version of the wine rack right before we bought our house.



Hm. Maybe one day I'll actually hang that art on the wall, instead of leaning it on my floor. One day.
I love how the wine rack incorporates the grey and white from my kitchen. 

Nope, didn't clean for you guys!! Sorry.

And I'm loving how it works with the dining room as well! 

Now that the stenciling is done (all it took was four bottles of wine!! ha), I am a happy camper!! : )


  1. Love this! We need something like this for our dishes. We got almost double of one pattern for our wedding, and really have no use for them unless we have five kids or more. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah jealous of your wine rack! Yes, the white paint is just right -- love!
    xo Heidi


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