Slate Room {Living Room} Makeover: The Before Photos

I'm just gonna start calling y'all Sherlock Holmes because you totally hit the nail on the head last Friday about my weekend project! Two big elements factor in: a slate floor and light walls. But many of you guessed that we were working on the wrong room... our big project this weekend was to get started on revamping our beloved "slate room"/second living room/ sun porch!

While we're certainly still doing showings and marketing our house, David and I have pretty much settled into the fact that we're going to have our baby pea pod here. Which we're excited about. This house will be perfect to bring baby home to! But we need a little more space in the living room... you know, a spot for bouncers, swings, play mats for tummy time, etc. So we've decided to move from our current living room to what we affectionately call the "slate room."

This room used to be a carport or garage, but was walled in (and hooked into the central heating and air, of course) by the previous owners about twenty years ago. It sits right behind this glass paneled door next to the kitchen and dining room.

{Side note: Please excuse the bad photo quality in this post. Since the Haven conference, I've been trying to put my new photography skills to work, but I'm clearly still working on mastering the manual setting!}

Let's take a little tour of the room, shall we?

Basically, the room is one big rectangle, with a little alcove cut out for the entry stairs. We've got windows on most of the walls, allowing for some gorgeous lighting in this room.

And here's the left side of the rectangle- more beautiful windows. And Maggie and Tucker again- they would not get out of these photos! Camera hogs.

It makes me so happy that our little pea pod will be able to play in all of this sunlight.

And here's a view from the back wall, looking back up towards the entry stairs.

The room actually doesn't need much work... we plan to transfer most of our furniture (with the exception of a couple of new pieces!) from the old living room. Clearly, the room needs to be painted. The burnt orange color is pretty, but coupled with the slate floor, it makes this room feel cave-like. Even the ceiling is burnt orange! Yowza. That's too much orange for these Bulldawgs.

So of course painting is the biggest item on the to-do list. As you figured out Friday, we're planning on taking the color light. We're still finalizing the shade (and gathering help in the form of volunteer painters! Who wants to help? I pay in margaritas!), but have narrowed it down to a few options.

We're using the same bright white trim we've used through the rest of the house, so we felt like we'd pair the wall color options with the white trim in the kitchen just for an effect.

The dark paint chip is supposed to represent the slate floor... hey, it made sense in my head! We looked at the options again with the slate floor, although the orange throws us off entirely. By the way, Maggie is P.O.ed her favorite color didn't make the cut. Can't you tell?

Oh and just because I thought it looked funny....

Little pea pod was weighing in on the paint color too! He's got good taste. Finally, here's the general furniture plan for the room. No, this was not done by a child. Don't mock my Paint skillz. They're the bomb.

I think this layout will be perfect for us! What do you think? And yes, my baby will be playing with gigantic circles, diamonds and stars. Duh.

So here's the master to-do list.


1. Paint the room, including ceiling, walls and trim. 
2. Move living room furniture into the room.
3. Potentially buy a new sofa/ sectional.
4. Purchase a new console table.
5. Purchase a new rug to anchor the baby's play area.
6. Decorate/accessorize the room. 
7. Add window treatments.

I think that's it for now.... I'm sure the list will grow as we get this project underway : )

We're really excited about this mini-move and I can't wait to share as we go!


  1. Michelle, what a fabulous room to decorate. It's gorgeous already with all those windows and that floor!! I can't wait to see what you do with it. The best picture of all though is the shadow of your belly - so cute and what a great shot! Put that in the baby book!

  2. LOOOOVE! love the natural layout of the slate you chose. where did you get it and can you share the cost? i told you the other day we are planning to do slate when we do our kitchen, so i would love more info! :)

  3. Wow. Such a pretty space I didn't even know you had. And the natural light is gorgeous. Excited to see how you turn it out. And that baby bump shadow photo is priceless. xoxo

  4. So pretty! Those floors are AMAZING! Plus it'll be a great room that kinds of out of the way to coral all the clutter instead of being in your main living area. So exciting! It's almost here!

  5. Oh that's going to be a huge transformation when the light paint is on the walls. Love the color choices you have! It's going to be so pretty in there and so calming. Your baby boy is going to love his play area. That photo is amazing!! haha

  6. so excited for you guys! this is a perfect room! Love all the sunlight!

  7. Can't wait to see what you do with the space! I love those floors!

    And your floor plan is awesome! Just watch out for the points on the star ;)

  8. Oooh those floors are incredible. Feel like they are easy to work with!

  9. This sounds like such a fun makeover! I am a compulsive furniture re-arranger so now I'm in the mood to change something up....hmmmmm.

    Can't wait to see the final product!!

  10. Those windows are beautiful! And I love the belly shot :) Can't wait to see how the room turns out.

  11. Sweet! Didn't even know this room existed! Can't wait to see it.

  12. Love all the light in this room - and those floors are gorgeous! Can't wait to follow the transformation!

  13. What a beautiful light filled room. I definitely think a lighter color on the walls would be perfect. Can't wait to see it when you have finished.

  14. Beautiful room! I'd switch the sofa so you can watch baby. Room will feel larger. Also dont want baby to pull up on console and pull off lamps etc!

  15. Ennistbp that is so true! Good veteran parent call there!


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