Jump On It: The Pinterest Challenge, Summer Edition

Alright, friends... it's time to jump on it. And no, I don't mean "jump on it" Sir-Mix-A-Lot style. Although if you hammer out a dance like the Fresh Prince, you know I'll join you for every move.  
Wassup, Dallas, wassup.

This "jump on it" challenge is alllll about Pinterest. That's right, I've teamed up with the oh-so-fabulous Katie Bower and Sherry Petersik for another one of their fun Pinterest challenges. This genius little idea isn't sponsored by Pinterest, but was actually dreamed up by Katie and Sherry as a motivator to stop pinning and start actually cranking out awesome Pinterest-inspired projects. You know, a motivator to jump on it, DIY style.

So it's really pretty simple. You pin a great idea, challenge yourself to create your own project inspired by your pin (whether big or small, all projects are great!) and then link up with all of us to share your project. And any kind of project is welcome- home decor, sewing, cooking related...  whatever floats your boat goes, so bring it on!

In past challenges, I've linked up fun projects like my DIY clothespin planters...
and, embarrassingly enough,  my DIY paper mache aardvark deer head.

Sounds like fun, right? Well all of you are invited! Here are the deets on the par-tay.

This summer Pinterest Challenge is being hosted by a fabulous crew: my girl Kate from Centsational Girl, Sherry from Young House Love, Katie from Bower Power and of course, moi.

The big party date is one week from today, Tuesday, July 10th, 2012.

Next Tuesday, you'll simply click on over to each of our blogs and link your Pinterest-inspired project. And of course, each of us will be sharing our Pinterest projects for the challenge. I'm thinking I'll finally master a nursery art project I've been whirling around in my head for awhile. It's about time I jumped on it. Any thoughts on what project you might challenge yourself with?! If you need a little inspiration, you can check out some of my recent pins on my Pinterest account. Or check out any of the Pinterest accounts of the other hosts- these gals have some great ideas! 

Alright, folks... that's about it. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions about the challenge. Good luck with all of your pinning and DIYing!


  1. Love it - my mind is reeling with possibilities....can't wait.

    ~Gabriella @ Our Life In Action

  2. Oooh so excited for this! Can't wait to see what you create!

  3. I am SO in. Thanks to all of you for inspiring the rest of us to get a move on!

    And now I totally have "...Tonto... jump on it!" running through my head.

  4. Now I'll have that song in my brain all day! Congrats lady - so awesome to be apart of this challenge! Off to check my boards now. ;)

  5. Haha love that song! So excited that you're teaming up with Kate, Sherry and Katie! :D

  6. oooh ooooh I am in!!! I definitely need motivation to get some pinterest projects started! Loved the Fresh Prince and Carlton video clip...brought back memories :)

  7. Hi! We are new readers, and my daughter/blog partner is interested in entering the contest you wrote about last week. It was the before and after contest. For some reason, we can't find it today. Can you send us the link? Thanks, Janette and Jordan @ The 2 Seasons (www.the2seasons.com)


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