Friday Finds: World Market Deals & Coupons!

Hi friends! It's been awhile since I've shared some good Friday Finds with you. I know I've highlighted World Market before, but this week there are so many good deals and coupons out there, I just had to let you know about them.

First off, if you're a member of their Explorer program, you should have a 15% off your entire purchase coupon and a $10 off of a $30 purchase coupon in your inbox right now. Suhweet. They also have a tonnnn of cute furniture on sale right now and you can use these coupons on the sale prices! Love.

I picked up a couple of fun goodies, as a matter of fact....

These little 2x3 jute rugs are only $16.99, but when I bought two and used the $10 off of $30 coupon, they came in somewhere around $12 each, with tax! They're really chunky and soft underfoot- good find!

I also snatched up a couple of small items, like this adorable chevron picture frame and a couple of wire baskets I may use in the nursery.

I bought these with my 15% off coupon, along with a couple pieces of furniture... more to come on that later! : ) So print out those WM coupons (or actually, you can use your iPhone at the cash register, like I do!) and get shopping, peeps!

[By the way, I'm not sponsored or paid by World Market to write posts like this... I just genuinely love me a good deal and thought I'd share with all of you! : )]

Find any good deals in your neck of the woods this week? Do share!

Psst! Thank you guys so much for the love yesterday on my two year blog anniversary. You rock!


  1. I miss shopping at World Market. The one close to my house closed :( so so so sad. These look like great deals; especially the rugs.

  2. Ahh! I've been stalking a hammered drum table from them for months but it is never in stock and it's in-store only. Don't you hate it when you really "need" to buy something and the universe conspires against you?


  3. was SO excited to see these in my inbox this week. one of my favorite stores to find little unique treasures!

  4. LOVE World Market! When I lived in FL, there was one about 5 mins from my house but now, I think the closest one to Athens is almost an HOUR away in Buford =( Great finds, Michelle, might be time for me to take a little road trip!

  5. This is my favorite store! I really could go wild in there! Can't wait to see the furniture you bought.

  6. That wire basket is so cute. I wish we had a World Market. Such great finds.

  7. LOVE World Market. Plus, I get a $10 coupon this month for my birthday! I'm going coupon crazy!!!

  8. Great Blog! Thank you for sharing and talking about your great finds from World Market.

  9. Lovin' the frame and wire basket! I need to check out this Explorer program... how did I not know about this :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  10. That frame is such a find! It can go from nursery to big boy room over the years! So excited for you that a very cute little somebody will be inhabiting that room in the near future!

  11. What great finds! And happy 2 year blogging anniversary!


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