Hot Momma Fashion: Fall Maternity Favorites

Hi friends! Hope you guys had a great weekend. David and I snuck off on Friday morning to Chicago for a romantic weekend away. This trip was our first weekend away from HDawg (and actually my first night ever away from him!) and it served several purposes... this year, we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, David's 30th birthday and my 30th birthday just around the corner. We had originally planned a big trip overseas, but we've had so much going on in life that we decided on this abbreviated but perfect weekend away. Oh and it was sort of a little babymoon, too! We had a great weekend spending some quality time together. We shopped, visited some fun sites and ate at some fabulous restaurants recommended by my girl Natasha, who recently visited the city. It was awesome!

While we were in the Windy City, I quickly learned that I am not so ready to dress a preggo bump in chillier temperatures. I was pregnant with H from December to August, so I spent most of my big pregnant summer months in big ol' maxi dresses and sundresses. I'm pretty sure I didn't wear a pair of pants from April to September, for real. Now that I am QUICKLY growing a belly bump here at sixteen weeks, it's time to pick out some fun fall fashion faves in the maternity department!

See? That sixteen week bump ain't no joke, people. It's amazing how quickly you grow the second time around. It's time to get my shop on! Here are some of my favorite cute fall preggo threads that I've found lately.

I actually wore a pair of similar polka dotted pants like those above while I was out in Chicago. Mine were non-maternity that I picked up from Marshalls, but I may have to replace them soon with that Old Navy pair because they are one of my favorite pairs of pants, especially for work.

Of course, I wouldn't share finds like these unless they were bargains. I'm happy to report that Old Navy has 20% off all items online through September 18th if you use the code ONTREAT. Also, Gap has 25% off purchases through September 19th if you use the code GAPNEW. Get on it and go shop, friends!

Psst! If you haven't submitted anything lately (or ever! cough cough, I'm talking to YOU!), shoot me your latest and greatest DIY project for tomorrow's Tuesdays at Ten June feature. Email me at with the subject line "Tuesdays at Ten June" or tag your project photos on Instagram for everyone to see and share with #tuesdaysattenjune.

Double psst! It's just about that time... the gender reveal for baby bean #2! What's your vote, girl or boy?!


  1. I vote BOY! I would love it if you could share about Chicago - thinking of suprising the hubs with a weekend trip there in Dec....where did you stay? I have been checking out lots of different hotel options...very overwhelmed!

  2. Congratulations!, I have loved being pregnant in the summer - so easy to dress! Good luck with the fall/winter dressing.

  3. An investment, but my J Brand Mama maternity skinnies got me through my first pregnancy (aug-apr) and now that it's getting chillier are getting pulled out for third tri. Best jeans ever.

    My mat style is pretty much a mat tank or tee with a normal cardigan over... easy and comfortable and you don't have to invest in maternity blouses, sweaters, and what not...

  4. Dressing that bump in the winter can be hard! I always just layered with a cute cardigan or sweater! And I think baby number two is a boy!

  5. You look awesome!! Love the last pic and glad you had fun in Chicago! Where did you guys end up going {eating!?}?

  6. I love your outfits you look comfortable but very cool too! Im voting its a boy ;)

  7. You are (once again) the cutest little preggo!
    xo Heidi

  8. You are adorable! So happy you had a great trip and love all your picks!I mostly went with winter maternity wear (January-March were by "big" months) and I found almost everything from Gap and ON.


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