Ikea 2014 Catalog Product Picks

When it comes to my decor, I like it cute. I like it cheap. And I like it with Swedish meatballs. So it's no surprise that I really, really love Ikea

Have you gotten your 2014 Ikea catalog in the mail yet? Don't worry, I kissed the mailman when he delivered it. And then proceeded to spend waaay too much time ripping out pages and furiously circling my favorite products. And I'd be a bad blogger if I didn't share some of those favorite finds with you!

I mean, seriously with that green velvet couch? That is ridic. I am in love. And for under $1,000, I could easily find a fun spot in my house for that piece!

Ikea always kills it in the storage department, so I was automatically pulled towards that adorable black + neutral woven basket and the adorable patterned, colorful fabric box. Hello, HDawg toy storage!

Speaking of HDawg and other kiddos... that doll house furniture in the bottom left corner... I die. How cute is that? I know that "doll housing-ing" (did I just make that into a verb?!) is a big trend right now and it's hard to track down cute, contemporary miniature furniture. Well, not anymore. For $13 we can all have our own mini Expedit, Lack and striped rug. So precious.

You guys know I love the Ikea flat weave rugs (like the one in my dining room!) and their new Stockholm rug is no exception. I love that it comes in yellow, too. 

Ikea is really stepping things up a notch, don't you think? I love what I'm seeing! Now I just need to hop over to the Atlanta store and pick up some of these goodies in real life : )

Have you scoped out the 2014 catalog? What are your favorite finds?!


  1. Got it in the mail the other day! So many lovely new goodies. Must make a trip soon.

  2. The only good thing about leaving the beach this weekend, is so I can hit up Ikea next week!!! Love those baskets you got!


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