Back to Black

Notice anything interesting about some of my latest Pinterest pins?

Black accessories. I'm officially obsessed. Which is kind of weird coming from a girl who has very little black in her home. I've always felt that it was too... dramatic for my taste. But now, I'm turning the corner and I'm ready to embrace this dark hued color. Black is back.

I clearly inspired myself with my 2014 Ikea catalog product picks post last week because I decided to hit up the blue and yellow design mecca and grab up a few black accessories of my own.

 You like? I do!

I picked up some fun black + white striped place mats because Jenny inspired me to use them as drawer liners like she did in her kitchen. I also couldn't say no to the textured black + white lumbar pillow for only $7. I love this little woven guy. Can't decide where he should go... master bedroom or living room?!

Finally, I am ob-sessed with my new baskets with black accents. They're actually planters, but will absolutely pull double duty at my house as some toy storage in our living room.

I can't wait to add all of these sophisticated black touches to my house. Every room needs a touch of black, baby!


  1. I'm w/ya! I'm a long time black fan! In fact, I'm having the opposite problem...wondering if I was putting too much in my home. ;) Love your IKEA finds. I need to make a field trip out there soon!

  2. i am loving black lately, too! and i am usually not a black lover! thinking of getting that ikea rug in black and white from ikea for my dining room- what do you think? :)

  3. I have gotten away from it, but there was a time I felt each room needed a little black. Might have to add some back for the fall months.

  4. Fun! I love pops of black! I wish our Ikea wasn't over an hour away! (But maybe it's good that I can't just stop in because I would spend way too much cashmoney there!) I begged my husband to go there Saturday after seeing the catalog but we need to wait until we save our pennies to make that trip. I always end up spending more than anticipated:)

  5. We are hopefully getting over to ikea this weekend, I have a few things earmarked to check out, can't wait to see in person!

  6. Love the black touches! It's so funny how our tastes change over time!

  7. I love using black in decor. My kids room is all black and white and it is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I may need to snag those planter baskets though...and maybe DIY some black painted pattern to them for my fiddle fig.

  8. Great finds!! I love them all...especially those baskets!! We can never have too many baskets these days it seems!


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