Laundry Room Makeover Inspiration

I'm a big magazine fan. Are you? There's literally not much more that I love than sitting down with a pile of my favorite glossy mags and devouring their contents. Plus a margarita. On the rocks, extra salt. Heaven! 

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I oftentimes pin my favorite magazine spreads straight from my iPhone onto my Pinterest boards. I love having all of my favorite inspiration in one place. 

And this amazing laundry room from last month's edition of Real Simple Magazine is no exception. Do you know how much I love this laundry room? A lot. It's got organization, it's got style. Everything you would want in a laundry room! It makes me want to snatch up a laundry room for a bada$$ makeover ASAP! While I love our rental house's laundry room (it's got a ton of space and the awesome secret passageway), it's tough not to be able to redo it entirely when I'm inspired by such beautiful spaces like this! Anyone in Atlanta have a laundry room I can hijack to make over? You pay for the materials and buy me donuts and coffee and I'm your girl. Seriously, wouldn't that be fun?

Until then, maybe I should come up with a list of my favorite temporary laundry room fixes for us renters out there. Would y'all be interested in some inspiration like that?

Here are a couple other laundry rooms that have struck my eye lately out in the blog world.

Jenny Komenda's rad laundry room make over over at Little Green Notebook

my sweet friend Kelly's laundry room (that was recently featured in BH&G!) over at A View Along the Way

For more inspiring laundry rooms, check out my Laundy Room Pinterest board. Now someone get me a laundry room to paint to my little heart's desire, stat!

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  1. When we come back from our decorating hiatus, I think our laundry room is next. It is sort of on the small size since it shares space with the water heater. I need to find some vertical inspiration

  2. Great inspiration. Our laundry room is so small. I seriously need to work on this year.

  3. I absolutely ADORE laundry rooms. I think it stems from my bizarre love of doing laundry? Anyways, these inspiration pictures are the best. Right now we are renting and have a washer/dryer combo machine tucked away in our kitchen. It's high quality, new, and gets the job done - but I'm really looking forward to finding a laundry room when we start looking for houses next year. xo! eliza

  4. My laundry is the next room to tackle once I finish the kitchen. My laundry is tiny but I think using bold colours in this room and maybe some wallpaper will add a bit of fun to it and something unexpected. Laundrys are a kind of nothing room, nobody really wants to be in there so its nice to do something fun in there :)

  5. My laundry room is definitely on my list! Unfortunately that list is very long and we probably wont get to it for awhile, but it's still on there!

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