Happy First Birthday HDawg!

Y'all, my sweet boy is one year old today.

Unbelieveable, right?

Honestly, words cannot express how extremely grateful and thankful I am to the good Lord for giving me this incredible little boy. Not only is he absurdly handsome (because he looks so much like his daddy!), but he is genuinely the happiest kid on the planet. Everywhere we go, people ask is he ALWAYS this happy?! because he constantly beams, smiles and laughs. He is relaxed in almost every environment and he is content with everything that life hands him. Honestly, it's inspiring.

David and I, when we found out we were pregnant with H,  prayed that God would bless us as good, strong parents. We wanted a healthy, happy child with a good head on his shoulders. And while I know we've got a long road of parenting ahead of us (discipline... academics... talking back... teenage hormones...driving... and oh my gosh, girls...!), I truly feel like we're on the right track so far. We just want what every parent wants for their children: to do our very best for this amazing kid and give him the amazing, love-filled, opportunity-filled life he deserves!

This beautiful baby boy is blossoming into a sweet toddler. Although, I don't allow the "toddler" word around our house... he's still my baby for at least a few more months! He's starting to feed himself, he took his first few steps last weekend, he's becoming more and more verbal every day and he constantly mimics everything David and I do. It's really incredible how much he's growing and it's crazy that he was just this little pea pod not so long ago. We are so proud of him.

Parenthood is incredible and I count my lucky stars every day that I get to be a mom to this baby.

With all of that sappy stuff said, happy, happy birthday to my sweet little one year old boy! Your mommy and daddy love you more than life, sweet H.


  1. Happy birthday from over here, too! He is such a cute little boy!!

  2. I can't believe he's already a year! He's absolutely precious. Our son is 7 months this week and I feel like he'll be a year before I know it!

  3. Happy birthday! And congrats on making it through the first year!! We have a few more months before we hit that milestone!!

  4. Happy Birthday HDawg!!! Hard to believe a year has gone by already.

  5. Happy happy 1st birthday! Wish I was there to see him enjoy his cake!!! xo

  6. Happy Birthday to your little one! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! I can't wait to see party pictures :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your baby boy!!! He is adorable and so lucky to have such amazing parents.

  8. Happy BDay HDawg!! It's amazing how fast the year goes, but get ready, this next year will continue to amaze you... I'm so in love in with toddler stage, I bet you will be too!

  9. How could a year have passed so quickly? I remember finding your blog sometime during your pregnancy when you were putting together his nursery and waiting for the post that said he arrived. =) Like Maury said above we're at 6 months, which I can hardly believe. In some ways I wish he was that newborn tiny guy again, but am so looking forward to what the future holds for us too. Happy Birthday H!


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