Look for Less: A Sweet Green Kids Space

Back in the day, I had a fun series rolling here on the el bloggo entitled: Look for Less. Remember? Basically, I use the series to recreate a fancy pants home decor magazine vignette Michelle style... ie. I recreate it on the really really cheap. The other day, I was thinking about how fun that series was and decided it was high time for it to make a comeback. Kind of like New Kids on the Block... please tell me you are also trying to buy NKOTB/ Boyz II Men/ 98 Degrees concert tickets? Yeahhh buddy. Anyways, the Look for Less series is back. And we're starting off today with a sweet green kids space!


How cute is this kiddo vignette from the January/February issue of Lonny? Me loves. Now it's time for me to pull out some tricks from my magic bag of cheap and recreate this look on the cheap.
Lonny Look For Less

One way to keep things inexpensive is to DIY your own fabric projects. And you don't have to know how to sew to make your own pillows and window treatments, I promise! You can use this tutorial to make pillows from the striped green fabric and this tutorial to make roman shades from the green trellis fabric. Beautimous. And cheap. Love it.

A few of my favorite inexpensive sources are Etsy, where I found the leather Moroccan pouf for only $90 bucks, and Rugs USA, where I found this jute rug. By the way, y'all... that rug is ridiculously cheap right now. The 5x8 foot rug is on sale for $100 right now! Get itttttt. I tracked down the vintage white metal daybed on my local Craigslist for $50. I'm sure you could find something similar in your area! The sweet blue pillow is from Ikea, $9.99.

Finally, I didn't find a cheap alternative to the monkey doll because I have a soft place in my heart for this brand- Bla Bla Kids. It's a local Atlanta company that makes the cutest little knitted toys. In fact, the mobile in baby HDawg's nursery is made by this group. Their dolls are totally worth the splurge, in my opinion : )

Ta-da! Just a few steps gets the look of that fabulous sweet green Lonny kids space for less.

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If you've got a fancy decor space that you think would be fun for me to recreate for less, send it my way! Feel free to shoot me an email with the image: tenjuneblog@gmail.com.


  1. I am in AWE that you found an iron trundle for $50 on craigslist. Literally just this morning I searched and could not find any for under $200. Lucky you!
    Loving the inspiration you put together for the room, so pretty & makes me excited for spring :)

  2. you got the right stuff, michelle, and it's a great idea to bring this series back. i will be hangin tough with you.

  3. Yes! I loved this series. I think your look is great!

  4. I love this series. Such a cute nurser and I love that your is budget friendly.

  5. Yes, please keep this series coming! I miss the old HGTV show where they’d take an expensive design and make it affordable (can’t remember the name of it.) It really helps to see a design broken down into its pieces and be reminded that even the most upscale designs are achievable if you have an eye for the pieces of it!

  6. I need that pouf in my life! Also, i bought a groupon for RugsUSA but can't use it in conjunction with their awesome sales, how much does that stink!


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