Friday Find: A New Pottery Barn Rug

There's not much more that makes this Frugal Franny's heart race like finding a good deal. I stumbled acrosst this sweet little chenille find last week at the Pottery Barn outlet near me. A $100 rug marked down to $40 and I used a $25 gift certificate on it? Um, yes, please. Fifteen smackeroos later, I've got myself a new 3x5 light blue chenille rug. And I've already got a special place picked out for it at the new house! Woot.
Did you find any good deals this week?


  1. Do you feel the envy coming through the computer screen. Ahhh! Such a great deal. Love that. Happy weekend, friend!

  2. Wow what a deal! The bargain gods were looking down on you! Can't wait to see where it goes in the new house!

  3. What a great deal!! I never realized there was a PB outlet. I will have to find one in my area.

  4. What an awesome deal! It looks great!

    Congrats on the house too! So exciting! :)


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