Not So Valentiney: Those Special Touches

I'm sure you've heard it before:

surround yourself with what you love!

And what better way to show a little love to your spouse than by placing little momentos of love around your home. I've already shared with you some DIY special to your heart art around our house, but here are a few other trinkets around our house that remind me and David of special times in our lives.

Lots of fun special things on our office bookshelf, including our box of pictures
(if we ever want to easily flip through), our wedding album, a real Delft plate David
brought back for me from Holland, pictures of our pups, etc!

"D loves M" stamps (found in the clearance bin at Hob Lob)
on a shelf in our bedroom 

a shadow box with my wedding bouquet,
D's boutonniere and our wedding invitation

my wire picture frame (tutorial here!) filled with special pictures,
travel momentos (love the postcard from our trip to San Francisco!), etc.

our moving announcement into our new house!

our favorite wedding photo, above our bed

This post wraps up my little "Not So Valentiney" Valentine's Day gift idea series!
Hope some of these ideas were helpful!


Happy Friday to all of you! Any big plans this weekend?

I had intentions of going to shop for a shallow desk, to use in my entryway along the wall next to the coatrack, but I've since decided to go another route in that area. So instead, all focus this weekend
 (as always) goes to the bathroom reno!! Hopefully I'll have lots of fun updates to share
with you on Monday!! Happy Superbowl weekend, friends!



  1. Have a great weekend Michelle. Love your wedding photo. You must have been a beautiful bride.

  2. your Not So Vday series was TOO cute! Loved all the ideas ... as always!

    Can't wait to hear how your bathroom reno goes this weekend ... Hope you get LOTS done with very FEW bumps! :)

    And hope that you can escape the bathroom for some Super Bowl fun! :)

    xo! Lauren

  3. Great series Michelle!! Love all of your ideas - simple, sweet and personal...which is what Valentine's Day is all about in my book! Have a great weekend!

  4. shallow desk?!?!?! really?!?! well feliz navidad! ;)

    I love all the special touches you guys have in your home. We got 6" of snow last night...holed up again!!!

  5. I love all the little touches. I got my bouquet preserved and framed, too. I love it. It's in our living room now (I figured we're still newlyweds so I can get away with it.) I'll probably move it to the upstairs bedroom or hallway when we move. We'll see.

    I really like the wire frame. reminds me of a wood version that my friend Carrie at Brick City Love put together. So many creative minds on the Net.

  6. Yay! All of these are so cute. Great ideas. I LOVE that wedding picture above your bed. It's precious!

  7. Great idea for your bouquet! I have a bouquet I caught at a friend's wedding last year sitting around needing a place to hang. And also to remind my boyfriend when he comes to visit of my catchings!

  8. I have loved this series! I've really enjoyed seeing all of the sentimental items you have around your home :)

  9. I love the stripes on your office walls! Have you blogged about how that is done? My daughter is wanting purple stripes as an accent wall for her upcoming room re-do, and I am clueless!!!

  10. I love all the little touches you have around your home! Good luck with the bathroom this weekend. I am hoping it's nicer tomorrow as we are supposed to help the older clean her carpets (hoping it helps her allergies).

  11. this was such a nice series!! love all the ideas! and your wedding photos is gorgeous! hope you have a great weekend!! :-)

  12. i love your wire picture frame. I am trying to come up with something for behind my computer, this one is definitely in the running!

  13. love all your 'art' work! adorable! i am your latest follower!! xo

  14. Y'all have the best little decorations around the house!

    I love the moving announcement and wire frame!

  15. Love the moving announcement! That is TOO cute!! All of these posts have literally left me dying to see more wedding stuff of y'alls!! Please??!!

  16. love your blog.

    I think we need to be friends.

    just sayin.

  17. very sweet.

    I love your organized-by-color bookcase!

  18. ohhhh LOVE the wire picture frame! SO glad you stopped by my blog - I agree, I think we may be bloggy soulmates! HA! Also, so cool that your grandfather was the Tybee lighthouse keeper! Must hear more about this! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  19. precious. Love all of these little momentos around the casa. so sweet.

  20. I just love the San Francisco postcard you have. Reminds me of my backyard (see, look!


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