E-Design for Courtney

I got pretty lucky as a freshman in college (twss) because I was paired with an amazing roommate. 

Picture this: southern-suburban-girl-with-hot-pink-plaid-comforter-and-tube-tops (hi) meets Connecticut-beach-girl-who-wore-linen-baggy-pants-on-our-first-night-out-in-college. You wouldn't have thunk it then, but it was truly love at first sight. And the beginning of an amazing friendship : )

Meet Courtney.

Yup, I picked one of the oldest and silliest pics of us that I could find. Cuz I'm cool like that.

My sweet Courtney is starting a new life in Manhattan with her fiance, Matt. And that includes a fabulous new apartment (well, not really new... a 1920's hotel that Babe Ruth used to stay in!). And, lucky  me, she asked me for some "whatcha think" advice as far as their new pad's decor!

So Court emailed me a few pictures of their new place and gave me an idea of what they are looking for.
Here's what she said: dark, romantic, contemporary, sexy and a little bit rock and roll.

(yes, we've both grown a little bit since our linen pants and hot pink comforter days!)

And she sent me a picture of some pillows that she wants to keep in the room. I decided to pull all of the colors out of those pillows, since I knew it was an element she definitely loved.

Here's what I came up with.

1- print  2- Benjamin Moore "Bittersweet Chocolate" paint 3- pendant  4- curtains  5- art
6- mirror  7- bedding  8- Court's pillows 9- ooh la la pillow 10- rug

It's all in there- romantic wall art (how great is that "extraordinary love print"!!?), dark and moody chocolate walls, a modern, sophisticated headboard, a glam mirror and all of their favorite colors from the pillows.

As for the headboard, I would absolutely suggest making that a DIY project (great tutorial here). That cuts down costs and allows for more expensive things in the budget, like the West Elm chevron rug.

And guess what? Court and Matt have already started painting their new bedroom. Check it out!

Looking good, isn't it?!?

Got a design dilemma you'd like some help with? Or are you simply interested in a custom mood board for a room in your house? I'd love to whip one up for you! Just shoot me an email!

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  1. Yay for roomies! I still talk to all my roomies from Freshman year and I love them to pieces!

  2. oh my gosh! i went to college in the south but came from new england at the time, and i wore these wide legged linen pants i had all the time with white tanks. it was my go to outfit. courtney obviously is very smart. :) how fun that you get to help her with her room! i can't wait to see it all come to fruition!

  3. What???? There's another courtney in your life? Hmmm.;) Love the mood board!

  4. You're one talented lady! I can tell because your friend Courtney's style is sooo not mine and I STILL love your mood board. :) Also, that screen printed poster? Amazing. Fantastic job!

  5. I love this post:)My college freshman roommate was one of my birdesmaids in my wedding!

    Your board is amazing. The "extraordinary" print is fantastic. You are truly so talented.

  6. Love the mood board! You're too good! You better post pictures of their finished home. What a cute picture, too!

  7. Ha! Love the picture. The mood board is great. The room is going to look awesome. I am loving that rich chocolate color.

  8. Aw what a good friend! Love the mood board. So many fun elements!

  9. Love the mood board. It’s got a great feel to it. I especially love the curtains with the colors you chose. Excited to see how it turns out!

  10. Love the mood board ... That LOVE print is to die for! I'm trying to come up with a place for it in my house! :)

    What a great friend you are! :)

    Lauren @ tickled.

  11. love the paint colors, and the curtains are so cute!! great mood board!

  12. What fun! The design board is awesome...looks perfect for her style. Looking forward to seeing more!


  13. What?!?!?! You gots mad skillz!! Love your mood board. Are you transitioning to design?

  14. I also thought you were talking about "our" Courtney! ha- that's a super cute pic of you two. Love the design board- the drapes are perfect!

  15. Man, I wish I had had an awesome roommate in college. I went through a list of messy, loud, partying girls.. none of which I still keep in touch with. Your site is simply lovely. Def subscribing. Oh, by the way, who designed your blog? I love the layout!

  16. uh helllllo? I would LOVE you to come up with a mood board for my LR!! :)
    Love the fact that you went bold with the color.. and that print?? PERFECT! It's all lovely

  17. Cute picture of y'all! And love the mood board - can't wait to see it finished :)


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