Hot Momma Fashion: Part II

Just when you thought you'd seen enough really bad iPhone pics of me trying to throw together a cool outfit... I'm baaaaack! : ) In keeping with my new years resolution to spend 2013 dressing less like a sweatpants-obsessed mom and more like, well, a hawt mom, I've committed to sharing some of my fashion attempts here on the ol' blog. So here goes nothing!

Remember, I'm an amateur. Don't judge me if I got it all wrong. Or if my outfit is so 2012. I'm learning!

Casual fashion tip: don't be afraid to be bright

Yes, I know... the leopard flats again. Perhaps my foray into fashion should really read: what else can I pair in my closet with my leopard flats? Mhm, I love 'em. Maybe one day I'll show you some other shoes. Maybe.

Here, I took a walk on the wild side (did I just say that?) with a neon striped sweater, straight from the clearance section at Target. A good $11.48 well spent, don't you think? All of my jeans were in the wash (let's be honest here) so I paired the sweater with my gray Gap skinny cords and the all-famous leopard flats. I think pairing bright, neon colors makes any outfit trendy.

Workplace fashion tip: buy or tailor good cuts

Oh wow, I have a face! It may not have makeup on it and my hair may be in a lame librarian-ish bun, but at least you finally got a full outfit shot, complete with my head. Ha.

When dressing for work (well, all the time, but especially in more formal settings), it's important to make sure the cut of your clothing fits you well. Here, all I'm wearing are a pair of basic light gray suit pant and a hunter green sweater from LOFT. But these aren't just any old pants and sweater. If you look closely, you'll see the sweater has a bit more femininity to it as cuts into my waist and dips low across my shoulders. And the pants are nicely shaped (thanks to tailoring) to give sort of a boot-cut bottom while remaining more fitted around the top. 

Yeah, I'm not sure I explained myself all that well, but you get the drift. Lumpy, bumpy, baggy, saggy, loose, etc. isn't the way to go when you're dressing for work. Fitted clothing makes you look, and feel, like a million bucks!

Oh and for those of you who took the "don't dress like a mom slob" challenge with me, please know that I'm still working on getting dressed fabulously most of the time. I promise I don't look like a rock star every day (that's me assuming I look like a rock star ever!). In fact, here's a shot of my "uniform" of leggings, running shoes, a fleece and one of David's old t-shirts.

Slowly but surely, right?! Now spill the beans... how are all of you dressing snazzily this week?!

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  1. Love the brights! And I have to admit...I have a pair of leopard flats and I wear them a lot! Like most days....haha. I think it is a perfect "go to" piece to spice things least a little bit.

  2. Adorable flats:)
    I have some like those and wear them to death!

  3. I agree with the bright concept. I feel like a little big of color combination seems intentional which means it looks put together. i was at Old Navy yesterday and they had some great Mom like outfits. Colorful skinny jeans, patterned tops, scarves, cardigans and flats. Although, it is cold and rainy here today, so my outfit is put together, but I had to go with my Chuck Taylors for running the kids into the school building. It is ok to have one violation right?

  4. I love my leopard print flats too...nice reminder to try pairing them more with color!

  5. it's tough getting out of the mama uniform (said from a mom currently wearing that exact thing). but i have big plans to get dressed today. woohoo!

  6. I love the first look! I think you're doing great with your challenge :)

  7. i snagged some sweater dresses from old navy on sale. i wore one this week over leggings and added my favorite studded flats. it was super comfy and warm-two very important things to me as i brave this ohio winter. i wouldn't wear this on a day when i had meetings but it was perfect for a day when i knew i'd be at my desk. if i had more time that morning i would have put some funky necklaces on but alas, i'll save that for the next time.

  8. Love the leopard flats! I had to choose between those and zebra, I went with zebra so it would match more of my clothes. Now I'm thinking I should get the leopard ones too ;)

  9. Yoga pants LOL. I did get some cute {maternity} clothes and have slowly started to wear them to work. Not sure why but I think their more comfortable then my 'pre-pregnancy' clothes lol.


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