Our Rental House: A Master Bedroom Tour

Hey guess what? We sleep in our new rental house. I promise. You may think we don't because, even though I've shared our new kitchen, dining room, office, living room and laundry room (slash secret passageway!), I haven't shared a tour of our master bedroom yet. #badblogger

So here ya go. Our master bedroom. What do they say on MTV Cribs? "Welcome to where the magic happens...." Yeahhh, that.

Oh, wait. Let me start with an empty before photo.

And our "just started decorating but still have a loooong ways to go" after.

We pulled in the chevron rug from the play room space in our old living room. I wish we could scootch (that's a technical term) the rug all the way in front of the bed, but the thick wool pile prevents the bathroom door from opening if we position the rug that way. And don't think I didn't try that with David- "Babe, do we really need to open the bathroom door? The rug looks so much cuter here."

I sort of recreated our old mantel on our new Ikea dresser with the same large mirror and faux greenery. I also added my grandmother's milk glass lamp and the DIY lovey dovey sign language art I made for David. I think this little vignette is one of my favorites in our new house, so far!

 Peace up, A Town down.

We've got some room to do something fun on this wall between the closet door and the bathroom door. If David ever gets his way, we'll have a TV there eventually. I'm not saying no... watching Real Housewives under the covers sounds great. I just forsee it being lots of Duck Dynasty, instead. Oy.

And I've already got an idea about what to do with this blank wall that sits opposite the dresser wall. Gallery wall, c'est possible?

Did I mention we have a big ol' closet? Well, not grandiose, but SO much more room than our old house, although we did our best organizing our old tiny closet and make it fancy schmancy (including my DIY curtains that replaced the old closet doors, loved those!).

I honestly think this our bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house, right now. It just feels so much more "us" than our old bedroom, which is kind of funny since it's barely decorated! The only thing we've got up is our favorite wedding photo that's been hanging above our bed since we were married. It's kind of disproportionate and tiny in this space, but I wouldn't have it any other way. And the rest of the decor? With time, little grasshopper. 

 1. Hang art on the wall.
2. Add a full length mirror.
3. Add new throw pillows
4. Add roman shades or curtains to the windows.
5. Find furniture if we decided on a TV for the room.
6. Buy/make new nightstands.


  1. I love your furniture arrangement! Did you paint or is it just the lighting? I like it!!!!

  2. Love love love!! The white duvet and dresser....dreamy details!

  3. Your new room is almost the exact layout as mine! Bed btwn windows, etc etc! I like how neutral and calm it is and the chevron rug! Love!

  4. Looking good!! Love the possibilities, Michelle. And the pooch. :)
    xo heidi

  5. It looks great Michelle! I love your chevron rug.

  6. So lovely my friend, it's a beautiful and serence space, I love all of your touches! xo

  7. I love this room! It is absolutely gorgeous! And your drawer vignette is beautiful. I love the mirror too!

  8. I just love how bright it is!! The dresser vignette is lovely.

  9. You've done such a great job! I'm trying to figure out how to stlye by bedroom in my rental, too. It can be tough!! Gallery wall or a slender dresser/credenza could be great on the blank wall.

  10. This looks awesome. What a great transformation already. I really like the look of the rug in here.

  11. I love the paint color, do you know what it is?? Did you all repaint?

  12. What is the paint color?! Also, where are the nightstands from? Thanks!

    1. Hi there! We didn't paint the room, it was a rental house the landlord's painted. The nightstands are the Rast dressers from Ikea!

    2. Thank you! Beautiful room!

  13. Is your bed the IKEA Hemnes, also? Thanks! :)


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