Our Rental House: A Kitchen Tour

Hootie hoo. Who's ready to see the inside of our new rental house?! Well, you got a sneak peek at the office a couple of weeks ago, but now I'm ready to dive into the dirty deets. 

Oh and before I go on, y'all should know that I asked our landlord if they were okay with me sharing pictures of the home on my blog- their direct response was "blog away!" So with their blessing, I present our new home! All of these pictures are "before" pics, as I haven't really had a chance to decorate or do anything besides unpack each room. And that's barely happened... we may or may not have been eating take out for two weeks. On paper plates. Just saying.

I've already taken a crap ton of pictures of the house, so I'll do you a favor and break them up. Let's start with the heart of the house today... the kitchen. Woot!

Much like our first house, the rental house (who, by the way, needs a nickname...  any thoughts? My favorite I've come up with so far is "Mr. Right Now." Yeah?) is at least sixty years old. The original kitchen has been renovated in parts. In fact, the day before we moved in, the landlord finished an awesome reno adding new tile, counter tops and refinished cabinets/hardware. Yayuh!

I love the new floors. And do you recognize the rug? It's this $20 guy. As soon as I saw this pretty blue number, I knew it would be perfect in this neutral kitchen.

Check out the new countertops. Faux granite laminate... I personally think it's an awesome, inexpensive alternative to granite. I think they look great. And I'm kind of happy this end cap is unfinished so I can show y'all it's actually laminate. Sweet inexpensiveness.

There's definitely a lot of bright white/neutral shades in the room, but I kind of love it that way. It gives me the perfect opportunity to bring in my own color. Of course, I started with the blue rug, but I have a few more ideas about how to add a splash or two of color to this room.

Storage is at a minimum in the kitchen (especially compared to our last house!) and, even though we left a bunch of kitchen stuff in storage and gave a bunch to Goodwill, we still needed some extra space in here. David and I bought this Ikea island to help us out. I. Freaking. Love. It. a) The wood is kind of gorgeous. b) It holds our microwave and a basket of baby items. c) It gives us more counter space. d) It fits perfectly. e) I think it's pretty. And that really should be f) and g), too, right?

So here are some of my future ideas for the kitchen:

1. Dress up the walls. (maybe paint?)
2. Hang art. 
3. Buy new decorative tea towels.
4. Add some storage racks to the walls.
5. Make a faux roman shade for the windows.

Got any other ideas for me?!


  1. It really is a great space! Gotta love Ikea for small spaces.

  2. I love white cabinets in a kitchen, so I'm a fan of your new space. :) I agree, I think you just need some color and some artwork to make the space yours! Great IKEA piece!

  3. Great space and lighting! You've already made it feel like home in there! :)

  4. The kitchen is so bright! I wish we had more natural light in our kitchen. Ohhh adding faux roman shades to the windows is a perfect way to add color/pattern!

  5. This space has a great light! (Which is a must for me!) Impressed with all you have done already! Your ideas sound great. And roman shades sound great!

  6. You could always paint your new Ikea island. We have the same one, only smaller. It has taken us about 2 years to get to the point of wanting to paint it but it's on my kitchen to do list.

  7. Cute kitchen! Maybe some bright pops of color on yje walls?

  8. Love all your ideas. Maybe you could paint the ikea island

  9. Your new kitchen is SO CUTE! I love how bright it is with the windows. And it was so weird to see your previous home all empty-I can only imagine how you felt!


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