Loving... the Marion House Book House Tour

Apparently I've been living under a rock (or perhaps just avoiding a bunch of nausea + sleeping for 12 hours every night!) but I just recently happened upon an amazing blog: the Marion House Book.

Emma Reddington, the creative genius behind MHB, shares not only incredible interior design inspiration, but also pieces of inspiration from her own home in Toronto and her interior design portfolio. I absolutely love her style. And I think after seeing her home tour, you'll agree!

all images from Design*Sponge

I love how Emma mixes a classic touch with modern elements and raw wood. Such a perfect, eclectic pairing all throughout her house! For more information and pictures of Emma's beautiful Victorian, check out this Design*Sponge article or her blog, The Marion House Book.


  1. Her work is awesome--I love her mixture of textures and styles. For some reason--above all else--that bathroom is really popping out to me. I love the navy walls and white accents.

  2. LOVE. That sheepskin covered chair is so inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So many great photos...and of course I love the nursery! Hope you're feeling better...the nausea is the worst!


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