Pregnancy + Moving: A Few More Details

Earlier this week, I shared an update on the status of David and I selling our house, as well as our thoughts about being pregnant and moving at the same time. For a few more thoughts and details on that subject, head over to my latest BabyCenter post right here.

There are some great stories and conversations being shared by the BabyCenter readers, so if you or anyone you know has gone through or is going through the same major life shakeup, please come weigh in!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Praying all goes for the best for you guys! Pregnancy + moving is tough. I've done it twice and hope to not be pregnant during the next move! I guess the only good thing is that the super strong "nesting urge" helped keep me motivated to get the new house all set up quickly. It's hard to move from the place where you've envisioned raising your children though. Fingers are crossed for you that things will work out the way that you guys will be the happiest. And HUGE congrats on the baby news!!

  2. Wow .... I really like the above house. No steps!

    We sure need a ranch-style in our old-age @ 40-somethings!

    Best of with your precious "cargo" .... be healthy, rest and everything else that goes w/a memorable pregnancy.


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