You Can't Watch Me Shower....

I know, way to throw that title out there, Mic. Kind of like when I told you to check out my rack. But it's true. You really can't watch me shower anymore... and neither can my neighbors! Let me explain.

When David and I renovated our master bathroom last year, we moved an existing window to the center of a wall (and actually made it larger in the process). Luckily, we had the skills of my handy dandy carpenter brother-in-law (hi, Nate!) because that process involved tearing down the entire internal wall, removing the exterior siding and essentially cutting big ol' holes in the side of my house. You can check out the whole window installation process here. Fun stuff.



Aaaanyways, this space clearly became our double shower. Which provoked a ton of emails and questions from all of you about how we intended to keep our privacy and have a window in our shower??

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it, but the answer for about six months was: a tarp. Yeah, we're kind of redneck around here. See, when we moved the exterior siding, we had to special order its replacements. So my brother-in-law and David added all of the necessary weather-proof elements, including the black tarp paper (or whatever it's called), to the side of the house and then further weather-proofed the area with a tarp. This little spot on our house isn't visible from the road, so it was no one's problemo but ours. I promise we didn't make our neighbor look at a tarp for six months. But even once we put the siding up, we left the tarp over the window because... well, like I said, we're kind of redneck like that.

But when we decided to put the house on the market, we realized the tarp just wouldn't cut it. Plus we had painters coming to paint the outside of our house and really had to get the tarp out of the way. Wop wop. Sooooo, long story even longer, we took off the tarp. And had a beautiful window which opened directly from our second-story windows into the trees. A gorgeous view. And, ahem, no privacy.

Here's the beautiful, tarp-free privacy-less window.

At the risk of sounding like a crazy person, David and I left the window like that for the last month or so... like I said, you can't see the the window from the street. And you can't see the window from our neighbors' houses. At least I hope. Plus I sound cool when I say I showered in front of the world, right? But at the risk of potential buyers thinking we were straight up exhibitionists, David and I decided it was time to get this baby covered up.

For those of you who are still awake out there (sorry, this is a long, slow saga... but I have received so many questions and emails about it, so I thought it'd be helpful to share!), we decided to use an opaque window film that we picked up from Home Depot for about $30 (for a whole roll). David installed it last weekend... apparently it took a couple of hours to ensure that the film was perfectly measured and applied so that no bubbles popped up behind the film. Doesn't sound like the most fun process ever, but can you see me shower now? No way, Jose.

Yes, I use cheap shampoo. I told you, we're redneck.

It was tough to get a close-up shot, but the texture is actually really pretty.

There's still a ton of light that makes its way through the film, so that's not a problem. But sometimes I miss the trees. I really bonded with them over the last month during my "hello world" showers. But then I just remember the beauty behind actually having a window in our shower and... voila.

This is clearly an invitation for my neighbor to watch me shower (again). I'm such a creep. 

So that's our new window film story! Ever have to deal with creating privacy in your home?


  1. I need to do this! I have a window in my bathroom over the tub that is begging for some kind of covering!

  2. Ya, our shower window needs this. Wanna talk about redneck.. try using a dark color towel, draped over a tension rod for the window. Ha! Right now it's really no biggie, since our master bathroom is torn apart right now, we can't really worry about our towel-laden window in the guest bath. For the time being it does the job... and does it well {at least im hoping, or else the neighbors are getting a show every morning lol}.

  3. Great solution. This allows the light to come in and is easy to clean!

  4. I love how it turned out - and for a great price! Our bedroom faces the street (and the school bus stop). My husband likes to have light come in the room in the morning so he leaves the shades open. I am always freaking out that someone will see us walking around our room. I am always yelling at him to "quick duck - the kids!" By the way, I use cheap shampoo too...

  5. Ha ha! You never fail to crack me up! I use the same shampoo too :) Love the look of the film, nice solution and what a great price.

  6. WE had the same problem with our front door. I used contact paper and got the same effect. Then I got crazy and peeled it off and used the frosted spray paint. It still looks the same, but I love it that there's no risk of bubbles or gaps from where I cut it!

  7. Haha you make me laugh!

    We actually used the same film to cover the windows on the sides of our front door. Basically, they look right into our family room and sometimes I don't want to actually answer the door when I am home, but if they see me sitting there ignoring them they might get offended ;) I think it worked great, and you are right it still lets in a lot of light!

    I am jealous of your bathroom and your double shower!

  8. Haha! I love having a bright window in the bathroom! My uncle had the entire external wall of his shower made of glass tiles! You could kind of see in and kind of see out. But he loved to garden so he planted bushes and a mini garden right outside of the wall. The wall wasnt visible to anyone really and he enjoyed it, but my family always thought it was weird.

  9. I am totally cracking up about this! This post is making me giggle! I really am envious of that huge window. Ours have shutters so I never just throw them open . .. so pretty. Great solution to the privacy aspect. We have that on a downstairs bathroom that faces some neighbors.

  10. That's a great solution! And it's nice to still get the light too! :)

  11. I need to do this. In all three bathrooms, we have a window directly about the toilet. No joke... who was this weird builder? He forgot to put sufficient windows in all the other rooms, but the bathrooms are like sunrooms. Go figure. Anyway, we've been talking about either doing the films or using the spray kind? Is there a reason you went with the film over the spray?

  12. 1) Your shower is amazing and 2) you crack me up!
    The film was a great idea for a little privacy!

  13. OMG! Okay, true story...our next door neighbor, who is now in her 60s, years ago was concerned that you could see in her bathroom window over her tub (but it was also in direct line with her ENTIRE bathroom, if that makes sense) is one of those ginormous frosted pretty paned things, super pricey. Anyhow...we were having our monthly women's club meeting at my friend's house which is directly behind her house, but a good bit away. Her daughter (who also lives down the street in our neighborhood was there), so knowing her mom was worried about being "seen" in her bathroom, called her and said "mom, I am over at Angie's...go in your bathroom and stand in the tub...I will tell you what I see." She did, AND ALL of us could not only see her but when the light was on (nighttime) we could count how many fingers she was holding up! Needless to say she covered up that pretty window with blinds!! LOL

  14. HAHA - this post cracks me up! Way to be resourceful! The window looks great with the film though - good job girl!!

  15. We used that same window film from Home Depot on one of our kitchen doors. The door is one big pane of glass, and we felt like everyone could see into our house at nighttime. We love that it still lets in a lot of light, but gives us a little more privacy. Such a cheap and easy fix!

  16. Oh my gosh--this is hilarious! Haha. Well---at least now you have options. :) Such an "easy" fix! (Don't know if your hubby feels that it was easy....) No you guys just need a buyer.

  17. Haha love this post! Glad you at least get to choose now when you want to be a creep or not...window open or closed is a good option to have! :)

  18. It looks great! Everything's been looking great lately. But of course, what *I* want to know is, do you sing the title to the tune of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers.... Anymore"? Because Neil Diamond is crucial, man, crucial.

    (You know I'm going to be singing that now all night. You can't watch me shower... anymore...)



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