Friday Finds

This Friday, I thought I'd share a little retail loveliness from a couple of wonderful blog friends. Both of these ladies have recently decided to take the world into their own hands and open up a shop filled with amazing wares. Pretty cool, right? But the best part is... their stuff! I looove everything!

First off, my love Megan from Across the Pond (you might remember her after she popped up here on Ten June) just opened up a fabulous jewelry shop. Megs has handcrafted lots of fun necklaces, including these shiny beauts. Come to momma.

The best part is that these pieces are all reasonably priced. Makes them even more lovely! And yes, that is Megan herself modeling the necklaces. She's a model... and a neuroscientist. You can hate her, it's okay. But definitely check out her shop here!

Next up is my sweet friend Mackenzie from the adorable blog Design Darling. She and I actually got the chance to meet while in San Francisco last summer.

Michaela, Natasha, me, Tori (my sister), Mackenzie, Cristin and Kate
picture from Courtney

Mackenzie just opened up the smash hit shop, Design Darling. It's filled to the brim with beautiful preppy wares, like trinkets, home goods, office supplies, accessories and more. Here's a little sample of what you can get from her store. Trust me, it's yummy.

Some of my favorites?

The monogrammed lucite business card holder. Be still my heart.

The framed vintage silk scarves.

And the color block navy clutch.
Again, everything in Mackenzie's shop is reasonably priced as well. Makes you want to take it all home, right? Head over to her store here and shop away!

So those wonderful women have inspired this week's Friday Finds. 
Have you found anything fabulous out in the retail or thrift world lately?

Psst! Neither Megan or Mac sponsored or endorsed this post. In fact, they have no clue I'm even writing it! My Friday Finds series is about sharing great shopping sources, deals and steals from my world, and  I simply love the items in their shop and wanted to share. Happy shopping!


  1. Off to check them out. What pretty necklaces!

  2. LOVE!!! That pearl necklace is awesome and the navy clutch. I want them!

  3. Oh, I want to go back and hang out in SF. I really love her clutch. I think I need one ;)

  4. Oh my gosh that first necklace is so pretty! Very unique! xoxo Elizabeth

  5. her shop is super cute!!! ps. have i told you congrats on your bebe? so excited for you!!!

  6. Im so jealous you met Mac! I bought the gold tray from her shop and it is lovely! The business card holder is next for my calling cards. I hope you and Baby Ten June are feeling well! Have a great weekend.

  7. I'm loving your blog! Can't even recall how I found you.... But it's been up on my laptop all morning. Every time I come back to my computer, I browse some more!!!

    Thanks for inspiring!

  8. I love those necklaces! I am coveting the square turquoise tray from Mac's shop! I found some really cool owl trivets for 2 dollars at a local thrift store and 5 books I have been wanting to read for only a dollar :) Hope you and baby are doing well!

  9. Both of these girls are rocking it! Mac's boutique items are to die for!! I want that card holder so bad!

  10. i LOVE megan's jewelry. i've been meaning to buy myself one of those pretty necklaces... but i stupidly gave tyler my debit card to take to england for the week. ugh. annoying. :) i want to wear it now!


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