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We've got more today on all things girly from one of the wittiest bloggers around- 
Megan from Across the Pond.


As a former model chick (now neuroscientist-I know, not fair, she's the total package!), Megan has a ton of insight on all things girly and pretty. Plus she's hilarious. Maybe I should have invited her to the bachelorette party I'm at this week, I think she'd be loads of fun! : ) 

What glam things inspire you, Megs?

Hi friends,

I am Megan from Across The Pond.

I am super pumped to be posting here..

because Michelle Ten June and I are basically bffs.

Today I am showing you all things lovely..

aka my life via pinterest world.

let me introduce myself..

oh hey there..nice to meet you..i just rolled out of bed and put my blazer on.

just lounging around at one of my very important and very fancy events.

when the event is over I go fall alseep in this worries, my magical makeup does not get on the bedding.

in the morning my sexy hot lover and I shower in this...

then i cook a very healthy and very delicious breakfast in this kitchen
I painted the door green...because I can.

Arnt I fabulous?

Yes you are, Megan!! A total rock star : ) Thanks for guest posting!


    I have always secretly wanted to paint my door any bright color I want to.

  2. Cute Megan! I love all your picks! Now I am off to check out this Ten June blog fabulosity! xox!

  3. AWw I love Megan... she IS so fab! That bed looks super cozy, but I don't have magical makeup so I'd probably mess up the pillowcases. ;)

  4. love megan...and that she has makeup less sheets, lucky girl.

  5. You know what's funny? Across the Pond was one of the names I considered for my blog because our house is... across the street from a pond! Good thing I didn't :) I love the kitchen and the green door!

  6. Megan is THE BEST! I really love that bedroom and I simply MUST be told where to find this magical makeup! lol

  7. hahaha Megan your life looks like perfection.. or your pinterest life at least ; )

  8. Definitely fab! Love that sequins dress and lavish bedroom!

  9. I love Megan and this post. Pure perfection.

  10. Megan, your pinterest life is perfection!! Don't change a thing! :) That kitchen is to die for! ...and about that green door, it reminds me when we were in Belize there was this adorable building right along the water on the beach that was purple and lime green, and I loved it! If I lived down there, I'd definitely paint my house those awesome bright colors!

  11. Love the pics! That bedding is beautiful, although I'd be neurotic to keep everything that white. Oh well. Looove the big bathroom!! And the blazer pic is so you haha

  12. She is fab, indeed (: Loving the green door!

  13. fabulous and hilarious! always love reading your witty scribblings... lovely life, my dear!

  14. Wow this is my life! I happen to have a red door and magical makeup that never gets on the bed.
    Though I am missing out on the sexy shower. This is a problem.

  15. I sure love Megan!! Oh to live the life! Lovely guest post!

    Sabrina Says

  16. Hi Megan, I am very much in love with the bedding! Can I ask where I can purchase it? Fabulous decorating!

  17. Hi there!! I love the paint color you used in the bedroom!! Please share!!!


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