Once Upon A Time (A Bathroom Renovation Story)

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little yellow bathroom. 

I mean... really, really yellow.

The room had this layout (which I talked all about here).

Then David and I took one of these...

(who are we kidding, David took one of these)

and did some demolition to the sweet yellow bathroom. 

(see, I helped some!)

This picture is blurry because it's behind a wall of plastic... 
ie. the door that separated my bed and a pile of construction debris.

My bubble boy door.

Then, all of the trash and construction debris went into here.

And yes, David and I (alone) got all of the junk in there 
(plus the old railroad ties that were in our backyard... but that's another story for another day!).

Except for the cast iron bathtub. It got to sit in my front yard for a few months days.

Next, we redesigned the room so that it was customized to our style. You know, just plain awesome.

Here's the layout.

And design plan.

Then it was time to re-build the room from the floor up.


The plumber came and did his magic.

And I helped up the ante on the insulation in the room.

 We took out the old, tiny window and added a new, bigger window.

The electrical work was rerouted to make way for our new lights and sockets.

And, in one of my favorite moments in the room... we added a pocket door and water closet. Just for a little privacy when the time calls for it, ya know what I mean?



(or in my vision- after)

Then we had the tile guy come out and lay allllll the tile.
And I heard angels sing (or was that Justin Bieber?).

Oh and the drywall was finally completed.
(I am never, ever, ever touching drywall, ever again unless you pay me in pitchers of margaritas)

And I painted the new walls.

We installed a toilet- highlight of my year.

Then we waited a month for our much-anticipated Pottery Barn vanity to arrive.

Got it.

Hated it.

Returned it.

Waited another month for Pottery Barn to pick it back up.

Then decided to DIY our own vanity.

Finally finished the vanity project and breathed a big sight of relief.

Why? Because... we're almost done.

Actually, I don't really mean that. What I really mean is WE ARE DONE!!!!!!

Stay tuned- full reveal of Project-Yellow-Bathroom-Turned-Michelle-and-David's-
Favorite-Room-In-Their-House tomorrow!!


  1. you are such a tease! i kept scrolling and scrolling waiting for the big reveal. be back tomorrow. sigh.

  2. Oooh I can't wait Michelle! My anticipation was building as I scrolled by each picture! The vanity is beautiful and I know the rest will be too! Can't wait!

  3. YEAH!!! So exciting and worth it in the end.

  4. It looks great...and like you are about ready to start working on mine!!!

  5. haha Love the story! You and your husband are soo handy!! Want to pop over to my house sometime? I'll pay in margaritas! ;) Can hardly wait to see the final reveal tomorrow!!!!

  6. wow! what an impressive project!! i cant wait to see the final reveal. xoxo jillian:: don't miss my fishs eddy dish giveaway!

  7. Gah! The suspense! I read every word on the edge of my seat, you tease :)

  8. SO fun to see that all strung together. Yahoo! Congrats my love. Dying to see the whole space. Might be taking some tips from you! :)

  9. Yay! So exciting! I know you guys are thrilled to have completed this project. =)

  10. GIrl--that was a yellow bathroom for real! : ) Can't wait to see the full reveal! The tile is gorgeous!

  11. Wow-amazing job on the vanity!!! Can't wait to see the reveal; we are doing our bathroom over too, and I could use some inspiration:)

  12. How did you end up getting rid of your tub? Trash it, donate it, some person from Craigslist? I may or may not have a bathtub that has been in my basement since the beginning of time and I may or may not need it gone.

  13. Incredible! That's what my bathroom looks like....except it's pink and smaller.

  14. I just cannot wait. It's already such an amazing transformation!

  15. WOW! Tons of work going in! LOVE all the progress! Super in love with your vanity, all of your tile, the pocket door, and especially the cute vanity hardware!!!

  16. this looks amazing! we are going to remodel very soon and this is great inspiration! wow!

  17. Such a wonderful story to see from beginning to end. From the after pictures now, it looks amazing. The colors, change of layout, lighting and window placement make the room look twice as big! I love how you created the wash room with a sliding door. All baths should have that, especially master baths. So excited to see the finished product!

    xo tamra

  18. This thing was more work than a baby ;) I'm ready for the MOVE THAT BUS moment! Can't wait to see it all done- you all should be so proud- this was no small project!

  19. So long yellow, hello fabulous! You did a lot of demo, cannot wait for the big reveal!

  20. This reno has to make for some of the best before and after pics I've ever seen!

  21. I can only imagine!! I can't wait to see it! I bet it is FABULOUS!!! :D

  22. Wow, I'm blown away. Saw your redo over on YHL and it's amazing! Your bathroom will now be my inspiration if I ever decide to re-do our bathroom! Love the double shower heads, too!

  23. What color did you paint that vanity? I have to know!! : )

  24. Just popped over from YHL - Gorgeous! Amazing work, I am so glad that the 'dream vanity' didn't work out - I am in love with the grey one!
    Do you have a source list? I am wondering the name of/where you bought the hex tile?
    ~ Christina P(NS)

  25. Hi Anon, thanks so much! The source lists are scattered throughout all of the posts, but all of the tile is from Home Depot, including the hexagon tile. Hope that helps!

  26. Hi -- what color did you paint your walls? Gorgeous!


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