Sugar & Spice: Lemon and Lavender

Today, I've got the beautiful and talented Ashley from Lemon & Lavender to guest post while I'm away this week at a bachelorette party! She's one of the sweetest bloggers out there and it doesn't hurt that she's a whiz at web design (she designed Ten June!). 

Lemon and Lavender

What girly things inspire you, Ashley?


  1. LOVE the Kate Spade earrings...I mean, the lingerie dress isn't bad either! :) Love this whole look!

  2. I love this look! I didn't love the price on the Rosamasario Chemise. :( I'm just bitter cuz it's outta my bridal budget right now.

    Nice work Ashley!

  3. I'll take the earrings and the Chloe perfume! So pretty and girly I love it!

  4. ashley would pick something this lovely. she is so gorgeous! that dress is smoking!

  5. absolutely gorgeous pics! i'm always up for anything girly :)


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