Sugar & Spice: A La Mode

You guys are in for a treat... this week, I've lined up five amazing bloggers to guest post here at Ten June. I'm actually headed out of town (again!) this week for the bachelorette party of one of my closest friends, Courtney. So in honor of all things girly, I decided on the "Sugar and Spice" series.

First up? The adorable Shelli from A La Mode. What pretty, girly things inspire you, Shelli?

Hi ya'll!  I'm super excited to be at Ten June today!  My name is Shelli and I blog over at a' la mode. I am a former medical device sales rep, turned stay at home mommy, to the cutest 17 month old hot mess you have ever seen. 

 and all things nice, right?  

Well, of course here is my daily sugar...

oh, and my spice.  Can I get an amen on that moms?


 While my sugarpie naps, I retreat to this bliss.  A place to have a glass of wine with a girlfriend, listen to music, pay bills, or let's be blog!  

  it never always looks this neat too.

Seating for chit chats is a must for me.  When my favorite neighbor pops over for a glass of wine, we head to this room, shut the glass doors and vent about our husbands and motherhood discuss current events and important matters in the world.  

Okay, let's be real.  It would be really awesome if I could just blink and be here.
(Calabash Coves, St. Lucia)

Private plunge pool with trash mags?  my heaven.
or here...
 (St. Regis, Punta Mita, Mexico)

 a little champagne never hurt either.

Here's hoping Michelle is having a little sun and champagne for all of us!!!

A very special thank you to Michelle for having me today!!

For more peeks into my home, please visit my home tour




  1. both shelli AND her home are beautiful! i would like to retreat to that room with a glass of wine, too!

  2. Thank you for having me today Michelle! xoxo shel

  3. Such a fun series! Love your office . . . and why am I not over there for a glass of wine?!

  4. Love a'la mode! :) I'm actually guest posting over there today! Hope you're having a fabulous vacay with the girls!

  5. I would LOVE the blog in that room! Even if it isn't clean all of the time :)

    Coley @

  6. Champers and a GORGEOUS home office space...What a killer post!

  7. I agree with Courtney- why are we not there having wine- or better yet, in that pool????!!!!!


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