What's the Plan, Stan?

I hope all of you had a great weekend! As planned, ours was spent shopping for building materials and attempting to put our master bathroom back together. We spent a lot of time prepping for the plumbers, who will be out at our house this week. I'll show you updated pictures from our work after they clear out!

I know I've shown you the awful before pictures of our haven't-been-touched-since-1952 bathroom,
 but I don't think I've shared the layout of the old room. So here it is.

Um, please don't tell my engineer husband that I recreated our bathroom in Microsoft Paint. 
He left his laptop (and our AutoCAD bathroom plans that he so carefully designed) at work,
 but I wanted to share our plans with all of you today, so I had to re-create!

As you can see, there was a lot of wasted space in the previous layout. Lots of unused vanity area, an awkward closet in the middle of the room and generally no flow. 

Excited to see what we've set out for our new layout?!

Well, that's the gist of it anyways! Have any of you ever tried the Kohler Virtual Bathroom Planner? It's an awesome program that anyone can use for free over on the Kohler website. The program is a little awkward to use, but it's definitely a fun way to get your mind around planning a bathroom. This birdseye view was created by using their bathroom planner.

Here are a couple more "in room" 3-D shots from the Kohler site.

I guess I should make it clear that we're not planning on using a one-sink vanity with a hunter green counter top- that is just what the Kohler website had to offer us in their virtual planner! Here is a more realistic 
(and child-like Microsoft Paint) rendition of our newly planned layout.

As you can see, our space is one long rectangle- it's about 5.5 feet wide and about 16 feet long. Unfortunately, the door frame to enter into the bathroom is not in the center of the wall- there is 
about 79 inches on the left and 85 inches on the right. This has posed a few problems for us 
in regards to the layout- more on that in a minute.

David and I have decided to opt out on a bathtub and, instead, do a custom shower. We've got a bathtub in both of our other full bathrooms, so I don't think we'll miss having one in the master bathroom.  We're planning an oversized shower with a glass door on the left side of the room, complete with a frosted pane window that will let in some natural light. Here is the little mood board I created for our shower.

The whole shower will be tiled in white subway tile with small white hexagon tiles on the floor. The door will be a glass door, like the one shown in the picture. We'll also be using chrome fixtures and will have a double shower head setup (one on each wall).

Our plan continues with a five foot, double-sink vanity. I only have one inspiration photo for the vanity- I'm a girl who knows what she wants! Bless you, oh Pottery Barn geniuses- this vanity is heaven!

Gorgeous, right?!

On the right side of the room, we've actually decided to create a water closet. David and I are installing a sliding pocket door and slapping up some drywall to create a 36 inch wide space for a toilet.
If there's one thing we've learned in our (almost) three years of marriage, it's that everyone deserves a
 little privacy! I know it's sort of a random thing, but the water closet was definitely something we
wanted to incorporate, even into our tiny space. 

So there you have it! That's the plan, Stan!

But there is one thing I need a little help on. And it involves math.

We've got everything laid out for the plumber to come and rough in the new pipes, except for the exact location of the vanity. As I said before, the entry door into the bathroom is not in the middle of the wall- when you walk into the 32 inch door, you've got 79 inches along the wall on the left and 85 inches along the wall on the right. When you add in our 4 foot shower on the left and our 3 foot water closet on the right, you're left with 31 inches on the left and 49 inches on the right. 

Whew, I didn't do a lot of math in law school, so bear with me!

In my opinion, it makes the most sense to center our five foot long vanity directly across from the doorway, so that it is a focal point when you walk into the room. But this leads to a problem....

It leaves us with an uneven 16 inches on the left of the vanity and 29 inches on the right of the vanity.
I guess I should point out that we will likely place a piece of furniture along the wall of the water closet.
 In fact, I'm almost positive I will buy this (Target) for the space:

So I guess the layout will actually look more like this:

The problem lies in the fact that if we center the vanity directly across from the doorway, there is an uneven amount of space left on either side of it. But if we center the vanity in between the space on the wall, then we are not centering the vanity across from the door. Am I making sense here? I'm confusing myself.

So here are the options- center the vanity across from the doorway and leave an uneven space on either side:

Or we can center the vanity so that its in the middle of the wall its along, but it won't be centered across from the doorway, so that the focal point as you walk into the room is now the corner of the vanity:

I should say that there will be room for the Target shelving unit in either floor plan.

David and I are thinking we'll go with Option A, but I'm just not 100% sure. We need to let the plumber know early this week so that he can rough in the sink pipes in the proper location.

Soooooo, I thought I'd turn to all of my genius, design-oriented blog friends! What do you think?? Option A or Option B? What will give our new bathroom the best feng shui?! THANKS for the input!

PS. If you missed the previous installments of our master bathroom renovation, you can find them here- Demolition Part 1, Demolition Part 2, My Bathroom Inspiration File, and Prepping for Plumber.


  1. I say center the vanity up with the door.

    Your ideas for the space sound amazing. I am totally drooling over the white subway tile, hexagon tile, double shower heads, and the vanity. That's my dream bathroom!

  2. Love all the choices that you've made so far! I can't wait to see the end result! My first choice would be to ask if you can enlarge the doorway to make it even? I love large, open doorways. That'd solve both problems! If not, then I say keep it center with the door...because it'll look better looking into it!

  3. Love it and can't wait to see the finished product!

    As for which options... I like the second one. I think the vanity looks better centered on the wall, vs. being across from the door. It will make the room seem more 'even'. :)

  4. Are you a lawyer Michelle? I am as well and just realized that Megan of HWH is as well. So funny!!

    Very pretty choices. I love the glass shower door.

  5. I kind of like the second option more, but I like the solution of another blogger to expand the doorway.

  6. everything looks amazing! i don't know who thus stan guy is, but he's got some good ideas. ;)
    as for the options, i like option 2 better. i totally think it is ok to not center on the door, but keeping the symmetry of the actual room is more important will keep the flow of hte room better i think.

  7. Why not put the cabinet on the right side of the vanity making the spaces on either side closer to equal?

  8. we did a shower no tub in our master - LOVE IT - no regrets! You will love it. I love the new layout (water closet #1 requirement of my hubby when building this house! - LOL). Ok for centering - I think I would center on the door, I think I would put the target cabinet in the corner or the vanity wall vs. just pushing out against the WC wall - it creates more unused space, I think I would put wire wall baskets up the skinny side of the vanity for things you can use in the shower - rolled towels, wash cloths, loofas (sp?) etc...(my willow house store has some cute ones now - LOL - i also saw some in Ballard or PB when looking at catalogs over the weekend) the layout looks great!

  9. Looking good! Can't wait to see it all come together. Enjoy your snow day!!

  10. I would center it on the wall, not centered on the door. Either way, I am sure you will love your new bathroom!

  11. Michelle, love the ideas :) I think center the vanity to the door. Then to the right do white floating shelves from floor to ceiling for towels, extra storage, etc. You could also leave enough space below the bottom shelf and floor for a nice laundry basket. That way it would add height,storage, and even out the room while still allowing the vanity to be the focal point. Can't wait to see it all.

  12. LOVE the tiles and open shower! My choices are widen the door opening (is a door necessary? what about french doors with our without glass panes?)...or center the vanity in the room, not to the door.

  13. Michelle,

    The plans look great; we still need to redo our master bath, but we are planning on having an open shower with no tub. Can't wait! Good luck with everything!

    *I'm your newest follower!!!


  14. Your bathroom plan looks so great! Love the open/custom shower! And LOVE LOVE that vanity! :)

    - Lauren

  15. I think I'd center it with the door, but honestly, it will look great any way you choose. I adore that vanity...oh my gosh! It's so pretty. I love the white! Can't wait to see the progress!

  16. I love the tile...the vanity...hmm....what is not to love? I can not wait to see the finished masterpiece. I wish I could help with the math...my mind works better at that stuff in the am. It will be gorgeous...no doubt.


  17. I like it centered on the door. I think someone suggested this but what it you put the cabinet to the right of the vanity and then did maybe a little bench or baskets (cute laundry, etc) on the WC wall to fill that space up? You could do framed photos or art above that to still fill up that space. It could even be a wall for towel racks, etc since its so close to the WC.

  18. I'm so excited to see this reveal!! It looks like it will be great! I love your blog, I'm one of your newest followers and can't wait to see what this year has in store for the rest of your pretty house!

  19. How exciting! Its so cool that you can do a virtual room set up. Pottery Barn always has the most amazing pieces.
    Keep us posted!

  20. So funny about the post titles! I was channeling you. ;) I like the second option a lot, because I'm a symmetry freak! I love the idea of widening the doorway, but I know that just adds to the cost. That's what we're here for. :)


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