Weekend Warriors

What do you get when you tear out this old rotting wood fence...

this dilapidated playset....

and this old-school bathroom?

 The answer?

A really big pile of junk in our backyard and a really, really big mess for me and the hubs to clean up.

Now that we've finished our master bathroom demolition, it's time to get all of this junk over to the landfill. So we ordered a gigantic dumpster to help us with that task. Here she is after about 6+ hours of hauling the junk from our backyard to the dumpster (which, by the way, is in our driveway... I'm sure our neighbors love that!).

I have never loathed a dumpster so much in my life. But check out our progress! The dumpster is pretty full after just one day's worth of work for two people! And I have to admit that I'm a little excited that we no longer have gigantic piles of wood/tile/concrete/other construction debris in our backyard. The bad part? We've only got until Thursday to fill this sucker up to the brim.

My. Arms. Are. Jello. Whose idea was it to do this renovation stuff, anyways?!! Ahem, sooo maybe I begged and pleaded to start the renovations but I envisioned tiling and vanities, not dumpsters!! I guess we'll get to that sooner than later. Oh well, have a blessed Sunday, everyone!


  1. ooooh, fun stuff. :) I always love seeing dumpsters in driveways.. it makes me wonder what special things are getting worked on inside.

  2. I will gladly take your dumpster. I will purposely do a complete walk-through of the yard and house just to be able to throw all my junk/trash in the dumpsters at ONE time lol.


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