One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Hi folks! See this little guy?

Over in the Ten June household, we like to call him the straw that broke the camel's back. David and I are quickly learning that this bathroom renovation thing just isn't all it's cracked up to be. 

We are trying our hardest to go all John and Sherry on our master bathroom, but it constantly feels like we are taking one step forward and then two steps back. I have walked away from the last few weekends of work on the bathroom feeling like we haven't made much progress. And, actually, I feel like we walk away each time with more on our to-do list. It's not a very positive feeling.

But, I'm not going to start off negative on this beautiful Monday morning!

So you'll just have to wait to hear about that little woodchip disaster (and many other oops! moments like it).
I'll save all of the gruesome details about our bumps in the road for tomorrow.
On a positive note, here is a summary of all of the amazing progress we've made in the last week.

Last week, the plumber came and redid all of the plumbing. Check! Step in the right direction. 

our new shower system! yay Billy and Earl!

On Saturday, I (as in little ol' me all by myself!) redid the insulation in the bathroom. Check! This was a huge step because the room without insulation-- three of the walls of the bathroom are exterior walls-- basically meant a big, drafty space that made our master bedroom (and, frankly, that entire side of the house!) quite chilly in this January weather.  

 Like my construction chic outfit? And my "safety first because I'm working with insulation" mask? Oh yeah, I'm styling.

We also insulated the actual pipes that are in our bathroom floor/basement ceiling so that there's no risk of them snapping or freezing in the next cold spell. That's what David was doing while I was working my insulation magic upstairs in the bathroom. The black foam insulation easily slides around each pipe and it's really cheap to buy over at Home Depo, so its a win win little project. Better to be safe than sorry. Check!
our pipes all bundled up for winter

 Next up on the "completed" list? My amaaaaazing brother-in-law, Nathan, came over on Saturday and he and David installed a new window for our shower wall! Check!

Definitely a huge improvement when you look at the chain of before/after pictures.

The little window before we started any work.

After demo.

The guys taking out the old window.

Action shot of the guys building a window in the spot formerly known as the old window,
at that point known as a huge hole in the side of my house!

Voila! I have a new, pretty (centered, updated, energy-efficient) window!!
And my most favorite change of the weekend came in this form:

Isn't she pretty?

For oh, about four months, I've been looking at this every morning when I wake up.

Now, I've got nothing against tarps and painters tape, but it was getting a little old.

And my new view?

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Do you hear angels singing? No? Just me?

Sorry for the bad picture, but this last installation occured at about 9 last night. Phew. It doesn't have a door knob yet and it's slightly off-centered (silly old house is crooked!) but more on that tomorrow.

So there you have it! There are some of our most recent master bath renovation updates! Like I said, I'll share some of our bathroom renovation ups/downs tomorrow. It is Monday and I don't want to be a complete Debbie Downer with all of our bumps in the road!

And, because it is Monday, here's a gratuitious and hilarious picture of my sweet dog, Maggie. I stepped out of the frustrating haze of sawdust and insulation at some point yesterday afternoon and saw our sweet dog standing on a table in our backyard. You know, just chillin. (It's a blurry iPhone pic, sorry!)

"When times get tough and renovations get frustrating,
just go stand on a table and show the world who's boss."



  1. oh my gosh- maggie is hysterical! can't wait to see the fruits of your labor!
    when we had emmy's party yesterday i put the dogs on the sunporch since we had so many guests. i thought i would be nice and put their bed out there for them, and jake decided to show me who was boss and that he was mad and peed on his bed in the first 5 minutes of the party. yay.

  2. It's pretty impressive to me that y'all are taking on this project yourselves...even if you do have a few bumps in the road! I love the new window and door! Everytime I see an update on one of your projects it always gives me inspiration for something in my house!

  3. haha, LOVE the maggie pic! The new window looks great, as does the door. I am super impressed you guys installed a window!

  4. The Maggie pic is GREAT! Doesn't it seem that puppies always know when you need a pick-me-up?!

    Looks like you guys are moving in the right direction ... Even if it seems frustrating, it'll be SO wonderful once it's finished!

    Happy Monday! :)

    - Lauren

  5. I want to hear more about the woodchip that broke the camels back. The job is progressing nicely, although maybe not as quickly as you would prefer. It will all look awesome soon!

  6. doesn't it seem like the projects always take 10 times longer than you expect!? you've made a lot of progress though, it looks great so far! keep truckin' along :)

  7. wow, it's looking so good!!!! I can't wait to see the final photos!! Love the door! Hang in there!!!!

  8. On a positive note, it looks like a lot of the not so fun stuff is almost done. Next is more rewarding, will be seen stuff? Love the door!!

  9. We just put the same door on our Master bedroom (except white) a few weeks ago! I just bought a bamboo roller shade for minimal privacy when needed!! Your bathroom is coming along!

  10. I can't even comprehend the magnitude of that project...and I'm so impressed with what you're doing yourself!!! It will come together, and you'll be thrilled!!!

  11. Bathroom renovations are the worst! Especially when said bathroom is destroyed and you are having to share with two other girls while said bath is being completed!! So not fun. That picture of Maggie is hilarious!!!

  12. Right there with ya girl! Don't let the bumps in the road get in the way.. it looks like y'all have made amazing progress. -I know for me, we keep running into previous 'mess ups' as I call them [like beams that help support the roof, just hanging lose and not screwed to anything... eek!].

    The window looks really great and really lets in a lot more light!

  13. Hi!
    I just discovered your blog and it has helped me a lot (especially that last sentence) as I'm mentally trying to be ready for the necessary mess that will be in my house next summer... for a good cause, of course!

  14. Don't get frustrated! Y'all have gotten a LOT done :) It might take a little bit longer than you expected, but the final result will be well worth it! Have a great day!

  15. Oh my Word, I'm dying. You always make me laugh!! What a hilarious picture. And obviously you look adorable in your construction outfit. You couldn't look bad...ever!

    Don't worry, when we redid our bathroom there was always more stuff piling up then I ever thought was possible. It has to get worse before it can get better! Your door is beautiful! xo

  16. It'll all be worth it in the end! Hang in there! I know it's going to be gorgeous when it's done!

  17. you are making great progress and I am impressed at y'all doing so much of the work! Insulation - you go girl!
    What kind of doggy? Shelooks like a beagle mix - which we have a pure bread beagle and love! :)

  18. It's coming along so well!! I know there are setbacks that come along with any project, but just keep going and y'all will be done before you know it! You look adorable doing the insulation!! Definitely chic! Haha!

    I always find my dog in the funniest spots when I go outside...sitting in chairs, on top of the dog house, etc. It always makes for a great laugh!

  19. Maggie and our pug Granco would love each other. Franco is obsessed with getting in the highest location of a room. He's constantly getting up on the air conditioning unit and outside table top. Until we put a stop to it, we'd look over and see him on top of the kitchen island. What in the world?

    Your construction chic is still cute. Darn you. It will all get better. Renovation is so much harder in real life. Love the door. Great choice.

  20. You guys have made great progress! And that is such a cute picture of Maggie! Super cute!

  21. I can't wait to see how your bathroom turns out! I love the new door. I have to agree - much better than the tarp and tape. :)

  22. It will all be worth it in the end! And I'm sure John and Sherry even suffer their fair share of setbacks once in a while:) I heart your dog!

  23. I'm going to remember Maggie's mantra! She's adorable.


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