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Sad news today, friends. Based upon Georgia's ridiculous ice/snow storm this week, my plumber (hi, Billy!) never made it out to do the 2-3 days worth of remodeling work we need on our master bathroom. He gave us some spiel about how his other clients get priority because their pipes burst with the cold and their houses are flooding with water. Psh. Obviously that plumber doesn't realize that we're waiting on him to finish up so that we can finish drywall and slap some tile up! Flooding houses? Really, Billy? Come on. Ha.

Billy and his crew will come out next week and work their plumbing magic. We'll just reschedule this weekend's drywall festivities to next weekend. Ah, well. The joys of remodeling!


On the upside, my dear friend Christine called me a few weeks ago and said: "HELP! I hate my bedroom. I can't do anything major or permanent because I'm a renter. What can I do to spruce it up?" 

Okay. She definitely didn't say it like that. It was more like "Mich, work your magic. Thanks."

Like most of us, Chrissy is on a budget, so I really wanted to coordinate with all of the big-ticket items 
(ie. furniture) that she already owns. By focusing on just changing accessories, you can change the 
entire style of a room without a big dollar price tag to go along.

But before I show you what I came up with for Chrissy, I thought I'd go ahead and 
embarrass both of us her with a montage of pictures. She's going to hate me.

Isn't she precious?! Love my Christine.

Chrissy lives in downtown Boston, in an adorable little apartment that sits in the heart of it all. Here are some (iPhone) shots of her bedroom as it currently looks.

As you can tell from the pictures, Chrissy is a gorgeous, stylish girl whose bedroom isn't up to par with her style. She needs a lot more sophistication and fun to match her! So I made her a little mood board.

As I said before, she already owns all of the furniture (or something pretty similar). I decided to go with a fabulous, sophisticated black and white scheme with some gorgeous pops of raspberry red.
 And the best part? I can do it all for under $200. 

Here's the source list (clockwise from the top):

White duvet- Ikea, $19.99 
Striped sheet set- West Elm, $69.00
Throw pillows- Etsy, $19.95 each
Faux flowers- Ikea, $4.99
Wall decals- Dezign, $38.00
Striped runner- Ikea, $12.99
Love prints- Etsy, five cards for $12.00

Grand total: $196.87

Chrissy already has the adorable Boston print, which you can find here.

I think the black and white adds a little sophistication. And I loooove wall decals for an apartment- 
I was thinking she could put the black damask print decals behind her bed, to set up a focal wall 
(much like you'd do with paint or stencils in a permanent home). I also love the sophistication 
and fun the raspberry color brings in. 

Lucky for me, my dear Christine loves the mood board. In fact, she's already at work, redoing the room! I promise update pictures as soon as she's finished. I always love a good before and after!

What do you think? Do any of you need any mood board inspiration? Have any of you made one lately? 


  1. Yes, Crissy is adorable (so are you). And yes, Crissy's room needs help :) Lovely finds you have for her. Great post!

  2. The board looks great, Michelle! I love the pop of red as well. She is lucky to have you. Excited to see the after shots {so sorry about the delay in the work. That's a major bummer}

  3. Love the mood board, it definitely looks more fitting than her current space! :) Ok, so tell me - where does one create a mood board? I am so photoshop challenged - LOL

  4. When I was a renter I also put wall decals up. It was a great, inexpensive way to make the room feel "my own"!-Kelly

  5. that looks really vibrant and fun....great job! and i love the pics!!!

  6. Great job! I love using Ikea furniture and accesories...great style at great prices..That raspberry is such a fun color! Good luck with the plummer! Sooner or later he will get to you!

  7. it all looks great! and you girls are so lucky ot have each other- friends like that are so special!

  8. just came across your blog! we, too, are in the process of renovations and also have a billy. ha! he is our floor guy though, rather than plumber. love the mood board you put together!

  9. I love the pillows! I'm sure your friend will love it all!!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. I love this mood board. I bet she's loving your help (: I agree, black is sophisticated but the pink/red adds a bit of fun! Happy weekend, girl!

  11. Great mood board! I'm also in an apartment and it's hard to completely revamp when there are so many restrictions!
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  12. Love it! Can't wait to see the transformation. I'm with ya, someone send in the sunshine!!!

  13. This is gorgeous! She is lucky to have a friend like you!! I love the pops of raspberry red!

  14. Look really gorgeous and sophisticated.

    I would LOVE to do mood boards but like Green Door Girl I have no idea how to. Could you do a tute at all? Please.


  15. Great mood board! I wish there was etsy when I was renting an apartment!

  16. I am so into black and white with a pop of color. I am thinking about doing my kitchen in black and white. Its so classy

  17. The mood board is fantastic! Great job, girl! Can't wait to see how the room turns out.


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