It's a Style Thing

You, my friends, are awesome. Really, really amazing. I don't think I tell you that enough! This week, Ten June got over 300 followers!! Seriously?! 300?! That's incredible!  I'm honestly flattered.

As if that weren't enough, several of you have nominated me for the "Stylish Blogger" award. No joke- I ran to David and said, "Babe! They like me, they really like me!" Ha. I may be a dork, but it really means a lot!

The queen of style, herself, Audrey Hepburn.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to Courtney, Maggie, Michaela, Anna, Kelly, Desiree and Ashley
for thinking I've got some style in me! You girls rock :)

The award is kind of like a really fun chain letter. There are 4 duties to perform to accept the award:

1. thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. share seven things about yourself
3. award ten great bloggers
4. contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Lets start with seven random things about me!


I was a swimmer in college. Can't picture me as a big, hulky NCAA athlete? Oh yes. Breastroker and individual medley extraordinare. Obviously this picture is not me (that's a dude). But that is my friend, Eric, who is also a breaststroker. And ended up being really famous and going to the Olympics, which is why I can find his picture on Google images and not mine :)


I love allll kinds of music. It's kind of crazy how varied my taste is.

For example, yesterday on the way home I jammed to Katy Perry's "Firework," Zac Brown Band's "Whatever It Is," T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" and Chris Tomlin's "God of This City."
 I know, that's a pretty big variety. But I genuinely just love all kinds of music!


I'm seriously in love with Gwyneth Paltrow. She has amaaaaazing style. Have you ever read her blog?


I eat sushi at least once a week. CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. And I pretend like its kind of healthy (even when I get the tempura rolls) which makes me feel better eating it so often.


You have probably figured this one out by now, but I love love trash TV.
Turn on anything reality (Teen Mom? love it. The Bachelor? Courtney and I already decided Brad is picking Emily. Real Housewives? Watch every season in every city- except, ironically, Atlanta). Here's a clip that has had me laughing for a couple of weeks now, pulled from one of my favorites, Toddlers and Tiaras.

  "Neee Neee!" Cracking me up.

Can't remember how this got started, but David has a glass of orange juice (extra pulp!) and a pot of coffee waiting on me every single morning when I get up! He is up and at 'em way before me, so gets everything going. How sweet is that? Thanks honey!


My hero is Amy Poehler. She is incredible. Did anyone else used to watch her Kaitlin skit on SNL?
I still reenact it: "Riiiiiiiick! Riiiick come watch Riiiiiick!" And what great timing because her hilarious show, Parks and Recreation, starts up its new season tonight! Can't wait.
Now that you know me a little bit better and are all thinking I'm a crazy weird girl,
here are my nominations for the Stylish Blogger Award!
While we're on the subject of incredible blogs, check out my sidebar for some of my favorite blogs. How I was ever able to narrow it down to just a few blogs is beyond me. ALL of you have amazing blogs that constantly keep me inspired! And I mean that!
With that said, I am nominating some of my favorite "new girls" on the block (well, maybe just new to me!).




Tara Lauren





These girls are all amazing bloggers with lots and lots of style!
Hope everyone is having a great end of the week! xo


  1. Real Housewives of Anywhere may be my most favorite thing ever. I was in Beverly Hills this past weekend and looked everywhere for Lisa. If I already didn't have an amazing mom I would want her to adopt me.

  2. What a fun award!

    I love listening to all kinds of music too :)

    And oh my gosh and that little McKenzie on T&T...she is a MESS! My hubby and I always joke around and say Neee Neee because it's just so funny!

  3. and technically I nominated you too...bc I think you're Ms Chic herself! Love your list...and glad you know Sarah at Russet Street Reno...I love her humor and blog. and she's got a great eye for her house!

    juice and coffee every did good girl!

  4. Sounds like we have a similar sense of humor! Mackenzie from Toddlers & Tiara and Katelyn at the Mall both crack me up everytime. Good choices :)

  5. I am obsessed with Gwyenth Paltrow. Gwenie (as I refer to her because we are friends in my head) is such a style icon! Love me some Goop. I also watch way too much trash TV, makes my husband very angry he says I am rotting my brain. I def have a soft spot in my heart for all the Housewives! My man does coffee in the am, but looks like he needs to step it up a notch with the OJ!

  6. I nominated you also last week on my blog but thanks for featuring me here too!

    I am SO close to 50 followers I am beyond excited!

  7. Girl- Brad is picking Emily hands down. They're adorable. And perfect...ya know, in The Bachelor sort of way! Don't worry, I'm right here with you watching trash tv...bachelor, kardashians, teen mom...etc (:

  8. I have to agree with you on your Bachelor pick...I am team Emily all the way! And sushi is one of my absolute faves. I could eat it every other day and be one happy girl!

  9. Oh my have made even getting out early from work EVEN better with your award. :) Thank you so much. Oh...and I swam the breastroke from 5 to 19...where did you go to college at? {haha...and I was an IM...oh my backstroke.}

    How funny is that? I am sure we could talk all type of swim talk. :) Did you ever compete against Brooke Monroe? She and I were big in IN swim, and then she went away to Pine Crest. Ok...randomness. :)

    Thank you again.


  10. you are very stylish- why else would we all follow you? i mean you're funny, too, but still... ;)
    and i have a very eclectic taste in music as well, and a nasty appetite for sushi- i could eat it every day. i could. yum. must. have. sushi.
    will have to check out those blogs!

  11. Love this post! I'm an extra-pulp kind of girl too!!!

  12. Freaking hillarious ni-ni! LOL! I swear under every pageant girl is a complete brat just waiting to explode when she's gets back stage once again. This girl is anything but a beauty queen.

  13. Love all these great fun facts. That means you had a few of those long swimmer's coats. I wanted one of those so badly . . . but I wasn't a swimmer! :) Love you, love your blog, love your style. But you already know that! And hello on the followers, lady! Well deserved. And what a great hubby. I will stop now.

  14. Oh geez... Trashy Reality TV. Do they have Trashy TV Anonymous meetings? Because I think I need to go to them...

    Thanks for the Award girl! I added you [and Michaela] to my sidebar with a shout out :)

  15. congrats on the award! :) I love reading your blog - definitely stylish! :)

  16. i love trashy tv and extra pulp... :-) and thanks so much for the award... i also got this a few weeks back and nominated you (not sure if you saw it?)... i appreciate it! xo

  17. Love your blog girl!! Keep all the great ideas coming! and loved all of your fun facts! Oh and I know who Brad picks!!!!! Love the bachelor!!

  18. Congrats on 300! So hooked on Zac Brown Band. Make my day happy by listening to them. And Real Housewives! I want my own show. Bravo, psst, call me.

  19. Thanks so much for the shout-out. Really sweet - glad to have 'met' you in the interwebs.

  20. You should be flattered! Your blog is great!!

  21. Whoops- I forgot to mention we have even more in common... my husband was a college swimmer (and I think I told you he's in law school). I guess you two are the ones with lots in common!

  22. I pretty much love Gwyn too. And of course we love you, your blog rocks.

    And so so happy and honored to see myself mentioned among this group. You are such a dollface!!

  23. yay yay yay! congrats on the award--and on 300! we all love reading your blog and wouldn't be hear if we didn't ;) your seven things made me smile--especially your trash TV comment. You are not alone! {I'm right there with you} xoxo

  24. Love learning those little details about you! I'm also RH addicted- and also except Atlanta! Do you read Scented Glossy Magazine Blog? She does the most hilarious, witty recaps. You'd love it!

  25. Congrats on over 300 and your award! That's awesome!! I love Toddlers and Tiaras. Totally makes my day to watch it!

  26. I love your blog...especially your wit and humor!!! Plus, your style is gorgeous!! Just thought you might want to know!!! Thanks for sharing all those tidbits of info.

  27. Awe thank you so much for the sweet mention, girlfriend!! And 300 followers is a huge milestone. You go girl!! Enjoy your weekend and do some celebrating :) XO

  28. i adore amy poehler. adore.

    parks and rec is like my favorite half an hour of the week. sadly.

    and i've just recently found the kaitlin snl skits. i never was a fan of snl before, but these kill me! you can watch them all on hulu if you didn't know.

    'one time i was on the trampoline with my rollerskates on...'

  29. Michelle, it's so fun learning more about you; thanks for sharing! (I, too, think that Brad will pick Emily...she's my fav!) :)


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