Friday Finds

First of all, you guys are amazing. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your love and support about our baby news yesterday. David and I have literally been grinning from ear to ear since we found out in late December and your sweet support makes us beam even more. I promise I'll be back at some point next week to share the details and updates on the baby, the pregnancy and our voyage so far. And maaaaybe ya'll can convince me to post a bump pic, but we'll see about that : )

Today, I've got not one but two great Friday Find deals for you!

First off, please tell me you're a member over at World Market? If not, click on over there as fast as you can and sign up! It's free to sign up and once you're in, they'll share amazing coupons and deals. Come on, all the cool kids are doing it! Like this weekend... members are being offered 25% on all non-food related items. 25% off! Helloooo, momma needs to buy something!

Here are some of the options I've bookmarked:

That's 25% off your entire order, people. I could do some damage. 

Another great deal I have for you today is found over at Gilt City Los Angeles. They're featuring the adorable iPad cases of one of my fabulous sponsors, Pretty Smitten!

These iPad cases normally retail for $65 plus shipping, but if you purchase over on Gilt City before this Sunday, you can get one of these cute covers for $55 with free shipping!
Head on over here to check it out!

Happy shopping! And have a great weekend. I know I'll be basking in the glow of all your love! : )


  1. I got that World Market email too! Love your choices!

  2. I heart World Market and have my coupon printed and ready to go! Those Ikat mugs are ADORABLE!

  3. Okay totally got sucked in at World Market - thanks to you ;) Just bought those mugs, the matching bowls, and new everyday glasses (which we really needed anyway.) Thanks for the tip on the 25% off!

  4. I got that email too, and have been trying to resist. Those ikat mugs are really cute though!!


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