The Genie Series: Michaela Noelle

Hi sweet readers of Ten June! I'm Michaela and I'm so thrilled to be crashing 
Michelle's blog today, sharing my 3 wishes.  

Michelle is one of my blogging besties...isn't she the best?! This series is right up my alley, because I can't tell you how often I find myself day dreaming about pretty things, my future, having an endless supply of cookies 'n cream ice cream, or just that new Anthro dress I'm dying to own. 

Here we go!

1. I'd ask for three more wishes, of course! {just kiddingggg}

Seriously this time:

1. These Beauties:
Jimmy Choo

Owning a pair of these is on my bucket list.  Along with lots of other highly outrageous items that I can't afford.  Once I get them I'll let you know and we can all go to a fancy event together (:

2. A Trip to Paris.
I've always wanted to go to France to study their architecture and history of art.


It would be such a gift to learn about design in such a beautiful city.

3. A Gorgeous Outdoor Patio & Garden.
That...accompanied by endless sunshine. I could read {and blog!} and paint 
and daydream all day long (:


Anyone care to join me?! 

Thanks for having me, Michelle! 


  1. great wishes, michaela! i will come with you to paris if you happen to need a companion! :)

  2. This is such a cute feature! I love this concept!


  3. I love this series! So fun! And Jimmy Choo's are totally on my bucket list too!

  4. Michaela has fabulous taste...I love them all. How about wearing the Jimmy Choo's on your beautiful patio in Paris?

  5. I'd join you in Paris to see the beautiful art and design it has to offer!!

  6. I Love michaela and her three wishes. Man I wish I had those shoes in my closet I wear them just to grocery shop they are so gorgeous!

  7. I have to agree with you on the outdoor patio!! It is a must! Gorgeous....oh yeah--and maybe some wine. : )

  8. what a fun series!! i'm with you on the patio girl!!

  9. Love the outdoor patio! I've always wanted an...are you ready for this?! Outdoor bathtub.

    Yes, I've always wanted an outdoor bathtub. I just love the idea!

  10. Michaela is beautiful. :) Love that first patio! And those shoes are fabulous! :)

  11. ummmm yes yes and yes to all three things on her list! We can wear our jimmy choo's in paris!

  12. Love the Paris rooftops the best - my hubby and I honeymooned there in August of all times-- It was great, though, because most of the city dwellers were in the country for the summer holiday month so it was very calm)

    Best Wishes,

    Linda (aka Beachside Cottage))

  13. Did someone say Paris!!!! Yes, I will join. Great list, Michaela.

  14. I'll take one of each please! ;)

    LOVING this series and loving your new bloggy design :)

  15. Adorable!! love the series Michelle!

    And totally agree about the Jimmy Choo's Michaela!!

  16. A trip to Paris?! I'll take one too! :) LOVING this series Michelle!
    xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

  17. I'm loving this series and both of y'all Michs!!

  18. Love this series!
    I have to agree with you Michaela about the patio and garden! A dream of mine!
    Those shoes are heavenly!
    Thanks ladies!


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