Fake It Till You Make It: Our 2012 Christmas Tree

I'll go ahead and put it out there. Our sweet little 2012 Christmas tree is a tad more Charlie Brown than Rockefeller. But that's okay with us. David was traveling a lot for work during the last week of November and the first week of December, so we never had time to go pick out a real tree. And we were really ready to put up a tree for sweet baby H, who loves looking at lights. So one night, we just decided to throw up this little fake guy that we had sitting in our basement. I used about half the ornaments we normally put on our tree, so it's definitely afar cry from our gorgeous tree from 2011.

But do you think this kid cares?

Nope! He's in love with the sparkle and the lights, which is all David and I care about this year! : )

But since you know I'm not going to leave you hanging with just pictures of a sketchy Christmas tree, I thought I'd share pictures of both of my mom's Christmas trees! Oh yes, she has two- a "fun" one and a "formal" one! And they're both beautiful!!

The fun tree sits in her den, where we spend most of our time opening presents on Christmas day. It's filled with multi-colored lights and sparkly, colorful ornaments. I love it!

But I have to say that I love her formal tree more. It's gold and white color scheme is just classic and beautiful. And was totally inspiration for my rustic glam golden mantel I created this year!

So pretty, right? Momma done good.

Now it's your turn... did you decide to go real or faux this year with your tree?! Either way, share your beautiful evergreens over at Megan's blog today!


  1. It's sweet and perfect -- and just what you need this Christmas...easy and simple!!! Who's looking at the tree anyway, with that sweet baby laying around!!??

  2. Ah! Love her trees...both of them! Yours is cute, too. H loves it. He told me :)

  3. My mom does the same thing, a mostly red fun tree and a formal gold and glittery tree in the living room.... Baby H looks adorbale under the tree!

  4. Love all of those trees! The Charlie brown one is precious, I'm especially loving the balls on the skirt- too cute! Plus a cute baby underneath makes it even cuter :)

  5. Agreed. It's all about baby and not the crazy putting away of "stuff" after the holiday. Adorable tree and the most precious baby!

  6. i think your tree is adorable and perfect! and i love your mom's trees, too!

  7. We're artificial every year, due to pine allergies. But I love it none the less. Love your sweet little tree. :)
    xo Heidi

  8. Your tree is adorable! I love it!

    One day I hope to have two trees like your mom, a formal one and a fun one. My grandmother always had when I was growing up and I loved the idea of the "fun" kid tree :)

  9. awwww... i'm loving both! they are both special in their own ways!

    as a kid, we always used colored lights, but now i'm starting to love white lights more and more...

  10. Wow- your mama has some awesome decorating style! I agree with Cassie though, your adorable baby is what everyone is focused on this year! :) Merry Christmas Michelle!


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