Winter ONEderland Little Girl's Pink + Gold First Birthday Party

This is my most favorite photo from our little girl's first birthday. It's blurry, but it sums up her little happy, busybody one-year-old self perfectly. Including the large bruise on her forehead. #whoops

Soooo, ten points to Michelle for the world's most irrelevant blog post. Let's write about a winter themed birthday party when it's spring and nobody wants to talk about cold weather! Right. Well, ye asked for #littleladyjune's first birthday photos, so ye shall receive. Just bookmark for next year, yeah?

Even though we did a pretty grand party with lots of friends and family for HDawg's first birthday (which was a cute turquoise and orange Chicka Chicka Boom Boom themed party), some lazy parenting stepped up this year and Lu got the grand second-child treatment with a small, low-key first birthday party. I still feel bad about Little Lady June's blue nursery and her strongly masculine infant wardrobe thanks to the fact that we thought she was a boy for almost six months (yeah... if you don't know that story, it's a good one) so I decided to give her the royal girl treatment for her first birthday. Pink. Gold. Sparkles. And with a February birthdate, we added in winter. Her very own winter ONEderland! Get it? ONE? Like "won" but... one. Because she's one. Yeah? Yeahhhh.

I had her invites designed on Etsy and then printed at our local printer. Love how these turned out. And yes, I ruined the adorable gold glitter typography to cover up her name for the blog. I also made an adorable matching gold glitter banner of her name for the party to match the invite. So cute.

The details were so fun. Like I said, gold and pink glitter, baby. I made the birthday hat by simply tracing an unfolded paper birthday hat from the party store onto glitter card stock and cutting/folding the card stock to make its own hat. Tie on the cheap hat's elastic string and boom, you've got a custom glitter party hat.

For the snowman, I simply tied together three white Chinese paper lanterns with fishing wire and added some Little Lady June inspired glitter accessories.

As for food, the entire fair was dairy-free, of course (for those of you who don't know, my 2.5 year old, HDawg, has a severe dairy allergy- much like a peanut allergy where even contact with dairy can and has sent him into anaphylactic shock so we don't keep any dairy in our home). I baked strawberry cupcakes, set up a chili bar and a hot chocolate bar, we had popcorn in little snowman cups, snowman parts (pretzel sticks, marshmallows and carrot sticks!) and a few other little snacks.

We made sensory snow globes with the little kids, which they loved. I had planned to mix up a batch of edible snow (corn starch and vegetable oil) for the kids to play in but never got around to it. 

I'm so proud of my little girl and all that she's become so far at one solid years old. We had so much fun celebrating her and I can't wait to see the amazing life she has ahead of her! Love you, Lu!


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