Workshop Makeover: A Pegboard Wall Project

Thanks to National Hardware for partnering up with me for this post. My husband, his screwdrivers and my organization-loving heart are now your biggest fans!

Well, folks. Pegboards. They aren't the sexiest home decor project around but man, these things are a game changer! After years of renting, David's tool organization basically consisted of a bunch of giant tool bags/boxes/buckets filled with whatever tools we could squish in. So when I hollered out, "honey! I need an allen wrench!" (okay, I never yelled that out, but work with me here), we were basically lost in a sea of tools. We could never find anything. Meaning we could never get anything accomplished around the house!

Fast forward to the new farm house... David's got a whole workshop to himself in the basement. He's got double doors, some pretty transom windows and a whole bunch of space. We basically just moved all of the bags/boxes/buckets to the new house and decided to organize from there. And how did we do it? With a WHOLE bunch of amazingly handy hooks, hangers and pegboard accessories, all from National Hardware.

Let's take a quick tour of the madeover space, shall we? We dedicated one wall of the workshop to hanging large items like our tall work ladder and power yard tools. There's also some great hooks (like these!) for hanging rakes, shovels, etc. It still impresses me that we don't have them all piled up in the corner anymore. Such baller status.

The other main wall of the workshop is our dedicated pegboard wall. This pegboard project was massive, but gave us so much organizational space! We even wrapped the corner of the wall, as you can see here. Our basement space is not finished (ie. no drywall), so all we had to do was to cut the pegboard sheets (picked up at our local hardware store) to fit our space and then (using pegboard spacers) simply drilled and attached the pegboard sheets into the studs.

The workbench space is my favorite part of the whole project. I'm not even kidding when I tell you that the organization factor here makes me giddy. Those shiny tools all lined up just make me so happy! Most of the hooks we have in the pegboard can be found here. We added a few shelf brackets to create even more storage space for small items like spray paint and reference books. The clip pendant lights are available at most local hardware stores and while they obviously provide more detailed lighting, they also provide an extra amount of style. Love. This. Space.

Here's a view of the entire space, for a full perspective.

A makeover post isn't any good unless you've got before and after photos, am I right? 




  1. I think it's perfectly organised!Good work! I hope you'll keep it cozy and organised in a future too.
    House Cleaners Team

  2. Hi, Michelle,

    Amazing job! You have put everything in place! I plan to a makeover for my father's workshop this weekend.
    Mary from TrustMeter


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