Hoo-ray Friday!

Hi friends! 

Just a reminder... less than two weeks until the San Francisco blogger meet up!
I'm so excited to head over the West coast and meet up with lots of amazing bloggers like Michaela, Kate, Mackenzie, Courtney, Courtney, Cristin and Natasha (did I miss anyone?!).

Are any of you planning on going?! The answer isssss: YES! Sign up, book a flight and get your
 butt out to SF so we can hang out!!  : )

Sooo, what are you doing this weekend? 
Here's a hint at my weekend plans:

Any guesses?! 


  1. Hi! Wish I lived closer to come to the blogger meet up. We leave for vacation this weekend - can't wait!
    Happy Friday :)

  2. Wish I could be there! I have a girls weekend that weekend. I can't wait to hear what the benzos are all about! I'm at the shuttle launch and am hoping it goes off!

  3. So excited to meet and hang out! Can't get here fast enough. Have so much fun drag racing this weekend;) be careful. Those older cars aren't as peppy!

  4. wherever you're going, the hubs wants to go too - LOL! have a fun weekend!

  5. Ugh I want to come so badly!!!! Sigh. Have a rocking weekend gorgeous :) xo

  6. You missed me...kidding!! I still want to go! Have a great time!!


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